Wednesday, September 17, 2014

MAC Blogger Roundtable, My Answers

It is this week's MAC blogger roundtable...questions this week are coming from Let's Go Rockets..

1) Three weeks into the season, discuss the biggest surprise (positive or negative) with your respective team?

The biggest surprise has been the struggles the defense has had.  We didn't expect to have the defense from last year, but I think we expected to be better than this.  Now, things are getting polluted with injuries--are you really worse?--but the defense is nowhere close to last year's.  Still plenty of time to improve and (at a minimum) be good enough to compete in the MAC East, but with the number of snaps our returning guys had, we would have expected more so far.

2) If you could augment your team with any one player (or coach) from any team in the country, who would you select and why?

I'd go Ramik Wilson, ILB for Georgia.  I think BG could really build around a stud MLB.

3) What, if any, game plan changes do you expect to see from your respective team as we dive in to the conference schedule?

I think there are a couple that are positive.  I think you will see more running...BG only ran 40 times in 113 plays against Indiana, and in conference play I think you will see that balance out, based on previous history with the offense.  On defense, my hope is that you see BG play a little tighter coverage and challenge short balls to the flat.

4) It’s time for the first MAC Blogger ranking of the season - rank all 13 teams in the conference.

Only 5 MAC teams have netted an FBS win to date.

  1. NIU
  2. BG
  3. CMU
  4. UT
  5. OU
  6. WMU
  7. Akron
  8. Buffalo
  9. Ball
  10. EMU
  11. UMass
  12. Kent
  13. Miami

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