Saturday, September 20, 2014

Men's Basketball Game times posted, Wright State time explained

Yesterday, BG posted the game times for the men's basketball season, so there are all times posted for all of the home games.

A couple of you have mentioned to me that the home opener--Wright State--is on a weekday at 4 pm on November 19, and that is not a misprint.  The Athletic Department trying to make tbe best of a difficult situation.  That's the night of the Toledo game...and we all might think, hey, just don't schedule the Wright State game the same night, but scheduling can be complicated and sometimes you don't have many other options.

So, rather than putting the games at the same time, they are playing the Wright State game early.  For fans who are interested, you could watch the basketball game and then either go home and watch the football game on TV or go to the football game.  In fact, I'm hearing that the Athletic Department is looking into running busses from the Stroh Center to the Glass Bowl that night, which would be a nice feature if it works out.  You wouldn't have to worry about parking up at the Glass Bowl and you can enjoy both games.

Anyway, no one likes setting your opener at such an odd time and it will have an impact on fans who have to work that day, but credit to the Athletic Department for trying to figure out a way to make it into a positive.

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