Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Benchmarks, Minuteman Style

So here are the benchmarks for the UMass game.  Obviously, they are nice on the left side, not so nice on the right side.  In fact, when you look at things on a per play basis, UMass actually outperformed BG on the overall offensive measures and on the passing numbers.  BG did rush better.

Interesting that UMass actually played nearly as fast As BG did.   I don't know if that is going to be a common tactic, but it is something WKU seemed to try to do as well.

Even after removing sacks, UMass had over 15 yards a reception, which is a very difficult number for a defense to allow.  It really came down to something non-statistical, which was the two late turnovers BG's defense went and got---one a crazy athletic play by Nick Johnson and the other by James Sanford (fumble) and both by guys with zero D1 playing time heading into this season.

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