Tuesday, September 16, 2014

ICSTR Report: The Streak Ends

So, the results are in and BG had its first negative special teams game since the Buffalo game in Columbus.  That was 17 straight positive games, starting with the Military Bowl, all 14 last year and then the first 2 this year.

It wasn't awful....just a -2, but it is what it is.  And yes, I know Tyler Tate made 4 FGs, but we only give points for FGs over 40.  In the MAC, a FG under 40 is made 80% of the time, so it is an expected play and therefore a 0.

Anyway, BG still had 2 FGs, one good kick coverage, one good kick return and 2 touchbacks on KOs.  That was six positive plays.  On the negative, BG lost an onside kick, missed 2 XPs, had two poor KO returns, allowed one good return for IU and had an OB kickoff.  That's +6 and -8.

IU ended up +1.  They got the onside kick, stuffed two BG KO returns, stopped 2 BG Xps, had a KO TB and a return to the 39.  On the negative side, there were 3 crappy punts, an OB kickoff, a penalty on a punt return and on a KO return and a missed 39 yd FG.

BG Positive (+6)
IU KO ret to 16 before penalty (+1)
BG Ko Ret to 41 (+1)
BG 45 yd FG (+1)
BG 47 yd FG (+1)
BG KO TB (+1)
BG KO TB (+1)

BG Negative (-8)
BG KO OB (-1)
BG loses onside kick (-2)
BG KO RET to 9 (-1)
BG 2XP Fails (-1)
IU KO Ret to 39 (-1)
BG KO RET to 12 (-1)
BG XP blocked (-1)

IU Positive (+8)
IU recovers onside kick (+2)
BG KO RET to 9 (+1)
BG 2X Fails (+1)
IU KO Ret to 39 (+1)
IU KO TB (+1)
BG KO RET to 12 (+1)
BG XP blocked (+1)

IU Negative (-7)
IU 23 yard net punt (-1)
IU KO OB (-1)
IU Penalty on PR creates 47 net (-1)
IU KO RET to 2 with penalty (-1)
IU 24 yard net punt (-1)
IU 10 yard punt (-1)
IU missed 39 yrd FG (-1)

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