Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Babers Presser: Psyche Edition

Coach Babers did his presser today...some insights...

First, on the news front, DJ Lynch won't play this week.  Coach says there are "a bunch" of other people who they are waiting for information on and so their status is unknown.  We are banged up.

He's not allowed to talk about Zach Colvin.

The injuries are a big issue because BG has a big challenge Saturday.

Coach talked about Indiana.

First, he noted they hung 600+ on LAST YEAR's defense...a sobering thought for this year's team.

Someone said that BG had shown a good run defense, and he said in a kind of philosophical way, "When you go against an NFL tailback you will find out how good your defense is."  (FYI, the TB's name is Tevin Coleman.  He went 129 on 14 last year against us).

He said the philosophy is to "pick something.  Take something away."

It will take "a village" of Falcons to stop the Hoosiers.

Finally, he asked if he was worried about the psyche of the defense if Indiana puts a couple quick scores up (after snowballing effects last year against IU and this year against WKU).  He said: "their psyche?  What about my psyche?"

And that's a key point.  Babers operates with the Joe Cool demeanor, but we shouldn't think that he isn't passionate on the inside.  He's living and dying like any coach.

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