Monday, September 01, 2014

Benchmark Report, WKU

So here is now the WKU game matched against last year's MAC benchmarks, drawn from conference-only stats.  

A few notes:

  • Just to put a point on it, last year BG led the nation in time of possession.  We ran one play per 30 seconds.  In this game, BG ran one play for every 20 seconds.
  • BG made a first down on 38% of its plays.  That's an astounding number.  Sadly, WKU make a first down on 41% of its plays.
  • BG gave up 3 sacks on 39 passing attempts, which is actually pretty high.
  • Only 14% of BG's plays were 3rd down plays.  
  • In contrast, BG did a decent job getting WKU into 3rd down plays, but WKU converted at a ridiculous'd expect to see that in a team that ran 97 plays.
  • WKU completed 81% of its passes and was sacked once.  No friction at all provided by the BG defense.
  • Same point:  WKU scored 45 points in 7 red zone attempts.

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