Thursday, September 25, 2014


So, since finding out that UMass is moving back into their on-campus stadium just in time to battle the Falcons, it was driving me crazy that the name sounded so familiar.  The other day it finally came to me.  This summer, I was reading a book about New York which talked about this bar that was located in the Bowery.  It was a big-time dive bar and people had a lot of unhealthy habits, including all manner of drug and alcohol abuse.  Anyway, people at the end of the line went into the bar and had a tendency to kill themselves.  As the place gained notoriety, it started to attract a higher class of customers attracted by the morbid opportunity to see someone commit suicide.

The name of this place.  McGurk's.

McGurk's Suicide Hall.

So that's where I remembered it.

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