Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Babers on MAC Teleconference

Coach Babers was on the MAC Teleconference yesterday.  He had a couple interesting nuggets.  First, he doesn't mince words...he said the team's performance was "not very good" and that while Gordon is good "he doesn't have an 'S' on his chest."  He said he thought the effort was there but that the team did not compete.  As he points out, when you have records set against you, that's not good.

He had mentioned Saturday that some of the guys buried on the depth chart had good days.  He was asked for some examples, and he cited Andre Givens for the 60-yard burst, and a guy I noticed as well--Monti Phillips.

Monti is a LB, #22.  He is from Oakland and attended the Culver Military Academy, which is in Indiana.  He was never announced with a recruiting class, so I assume he is a walk on.  He came to BG under Clawson and red-shirted last year.  He made 5 tackles on Saturday.

Coach said we could expect to see both players get more meaningful reps...we shall see.

Finally, Coach pointed out something that Falcon fans are only now becoming aware of.  UMass has been playing in the Pats Stadium which is a long way from campus.  Saturday, they re-open their stadium on campus and it is homecoming.  I think the defending MAC champions are in for a very rude welcome in what could be a very hostile environment.


Anonymous said...

Monti Phillips was playing against Wisconsins 2nd string offense so of course he looked good. Is this any reason for Nate Locke to not start against UMass? There is a lot wrong with the defense and the coaches are grasping at straws to try to fix it but I have lost faith in all these coaches.

Orange said...

I didn't hear Coach says Phillips was going to start, just that people like him could see more action. I understand that people are frustrated, but I'd say it is a little early to "lose all faith." Time will tell.