Wednesday, September 03, 2014

MAC Blogger Roundtable--My Answers

Week 2 of the MAC Blogger Roundtable.  Questions this week are from Over the Pylon, a BSU blog.

1) Now that the first weekend is over what did you learn about your team? Any unexpected surprises? Any lingering questions that are yet to be answered?

You could say that.  You could definitely say that.  The answer is just this?  Will BG be able to stop anyone.  The defensive performance against WKU was simply awful, making Brandon Doughty look like Johnny Unitas.  There was no coverage, no tackling and no pass rush.  The single question for BG--not so much for this week--is whether the team will be able to have good enough defense to compete for a title, or whether they will have to win 52-45.

2) After an opening weekend that saw more than a few tomato cans on MAC schedules, the big boys show up in Week 2 in the likes of Florida, Kentucky, Iowa, Mizzou, and Penn State. Any of the Power 5 get taken down by a MAC squad this weekend? Which one of the marquee games will have your attention?

I think a number of these games could be really interesting.  I'd give NIU a shot over Northwestern, Ball State over Iowa, Ohio over Kentucky and Akron over Penn State, if for no other reason than the travel Penn State has put in.  Having said that, the highest profile assignment--and the only home game--is Missouri and UT.  The Glass Bowl will be rocking, but I don't see the Tigers being intimidated and I think they probably have enough.

3) As Bowling Green was getting destroyed by Western Kentucky, it raised an interesting conundrum among the MAC fans. Do you root against your rivals and hope they take a shanking or should we band together as one MAC and hope for massive upsets? Does the quality of the team matter?

Are we talking about Toledo?  Because then I have to confess that when it comes to that, I don't care that much about the MAC.  Other than Toledo, I root for MAC teams when they play out of conference games.  Quality of teams doesn't really matter, though there is a slight nuance.  I root for our teams to beat good teams and not to lose to FCS teams.

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