Sunday, September 14, 2014

Sweet Victory #2: The performances


So, BG had some big performances.  Some truly outstanding days on a team effort that led to a big victory.

We have already talked about James Knapke, who attempted 73 passes.  Completed 46, two school records.  That's 63% completions.  He had 3 TDs and 1 INT and 1 sack.  For that number of attempts, the yardage isn't spectacular (395 yards).  He was increasingly effective in the 2nd half as he gained confidence.  He also ran 7 times for 41 yards, including 1 key 3rd down rush.

We've talked about Roger Lewis...16 for 149 and the winning score and being the only player that IU had no answer for at the end.

We have not talked about Travis Greene.  He had 24 carries for 123 and a score.  That's 5.1 per attempt and a number of key second half runs.  He is incredibly elusive in tight space, and made several IU defenders look bad.

Ryan Burbrink was 6 for 80 with a TD and a circus reception that kept the game winning drive alive.

Tyler Tate...4-4 on FGs and a key tackle on the blocked XP.  He had a 45 yarder and a 47 yarder.  He has solidified BG's kicking game.

How about Guy Schwieterman?  Walk on, most fans never heard of him, he was in on 8 tackles and one for a loss.  All over the field Saturday.

Brian Sutton?  In on 10 tackles.  Gabe on 8.

Paul Senn was in for Lynch.  He had 6 tackles, .5 TFL and a broken up pass.

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