Tuesday, September 02, 2014

ICSTR Reconvenes

Another summer has passed.  The photo at right captures the monks of the International Centre for Special Teams research on their way into their secret chambers where they will spend the year discerning the performance of the BG special teams.

In case you are new, the deal here is that I came up with a system to evaluate special teams that is zero-based.  The idea is that you don't really care if you get the ball after a kickoff on the 24 or 27...you want to know about plays with significant field position, possession, or scoring impact.  Positive impact plays get positive points and negative plays get negative points.  They don't necessarily balance out... 50 yard fair caught punt is +1 for the punting team and 0 for the receiving team.

You can go back and read here to see the scoring system I use.

OK, then.  First, there were no major plays either way.  No fumbles, TDs, etc.  Even with field position plays, BG had a very good game.  As you can see, the Falcons had one big punt, 3 touchbacks on KOs, a 52 yd FG for Tate, WKU stopped inside the 20 on a kickoff and the Burbrink PR.

The negative plays were the KO where BG started on the 15 after a penalty (made worse because WKU was kicking off deep due to a celebrationfoul), and missing a short FG.

WKU finished at -1.

BG special teams have been very solid.  It is BG's 16th straight game in positive territory.

BG Positive Plays (+8)
BG 49 yard net punt (+1)
BG KO TB (+1)
BG 52 yrd FG (+2)
BG KO TB (+1)
WKU KO Ret to 19 (+1)
BG 28 yd PR (+1)
BG KO TB (+1)

BG Negative Plays (-2)
BG KO return to 15 with penalty (-1)
BG Missed 27 FG (-1)

WKU Positive Plays (+2)
WKU KO TB (+1)
WKU KO TB (+2)

WKU Negative Plays (-3)
WKU KO Ret to 19 (-1)
WKU KO OB (-1)
WKU net 23 punt (-1)

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