Monday, September 15, 2014

Two Falcons Land MAC East Player of the Week...

Congrats to two Falcons for earning MAC East Player of the Week honors...

Tyler Tate won Special Teams Honors.  This is second time to win that award, and the second Falcon to win special teams honors this season.  He made 4 FGs, a career high, fourth most in program history and the most ever in the Doyt.

Tate has absolutely solidified what was a trouble point for the team, and as Coach Babers said today on the MAC teleconference, those FGs kept us in the game.  One miss and things are different in the second half.  Also, two of the FGs were over 40.

The offensive player went to James Knapke--obviously his first.  He set school records with 46 completions and 73 arm-numbing attempts in his second start ever.  James is well deserving...I thought Roger Lewis had a shot, he also had a huge game.  Having two guys who could win the award is a good problem to have.

Congrats to James and Tyler.

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