Sunday, September 07, 2014

Past and Future Opponent Land

On two fronts, it was a big night for NIU and CMU both picked up wins over Big 10 teams...CMU in a blow-out without Titus Davis and NIU in a close win.

Ball State led until late against Iowa.

Meanwhile, UT was handily beaten by Missouri at the Glass Bowl and Akron lost @Penn State, neither of which is any great shame.  OU lost @Kentucky, which you'd like to think they had a shot at, but they only got 3 points.  UMass lost a close game to Colorado, who must really suck...but still, Power 5.  EMU got hammered by Florida, which was totally expected.

On the down side....

Miami lost to Eastern Kentucky (FCS) in Oxford.  Buffalo lost @Army.  And Kent lost in Kent to South Alabama.

So two nice wins, 3 not so nice losses, and 1 game where we got a big-time opponent on a MAC Field and didn't get it done.  (And don't get me wrong...a second could easily occur at the Doyt on Saturday.)

Finally, for those who feel I was underrating WKU in last week's analysis, they played Illinois very tough, leading the Illini entering the 3rd Q before 3 straight TDs put them away...for what it is worth.

Look team on our schedule beat an FBS team yesterday.

Also, I believe there is a possibility that Beckman, Hazell and Hoke could all be available to coach again in the MAC by Christmas.

Western Kentucky (1-1) lost 42-34 at Illinois
Indiana (1-0) IDLE..can you believe that?
Wisconsin (1-1) Beat Western Illinois 37-3.
UMass (0-2) Lost 41-38 to Colorado.
Buffalo (1-1) Lost 47-39
Ohio (1-1) Lost 20-3 to Kentucky
WMU (0-1) IDLE
Akron (1-1) Lost 21-3 to Penn State
Kent (0-2) Lost at home to South Alabama
Toledo (1-1) Lost at home to Iowa
Ball State (1-1) Lost @Iowa

MAC vs. Power 5: 2-9
MAC vs. non-MAC FBS: 0-6
MAC vs. FCS: 8-1
East vs. West: NA

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