Thursday, November 17, 2011

Loss to the Bobcats II

So, some other observations from Wednesday's game at the Doyt...

If there were 11,000 people in the stands, then we're also going to the Rose Bowl.  It would not have surprised me if it was 1,100.

Sack adjusted, OU gained 5.35 yards per rushing attempt...with 259 yards for the game, which is pretty hard to win against.

Tyler Tettleton is going to be a very good player.  Very much like Chandler Harnish.  When you have a dual-threat QB, who can scramble for yards or run an option-read with a RB and gain yards from it, you are very hard to defend.

Tettleton also completed 67% of his passes and while the yardage wasn't huge, it still effectively took advantage of the play action.  His one TD throw was a beauty.

OU had the ball for 9:31 in the 4th Q.

Red Zone defense was very good for BG, holding OU to 2.7 points per trip.

Sack adjusted, BG actually had a decent day running the ball, getting 5 yards per carry.  Samuel was good, Cooper had a couple nice runs, and even Geiger contributed.

Cooper had a nice day after struggling for a while.  In addition to 2 for 15 rushing, he had 7 receptions for 63 yards and 1 TD.

Schilz also completed 67% of his passes, and his numbers were similar to Tettleton;s except for the INT Schilz threw.  We did not, however, have a pass completion over 22 yards.

On a yards per play basis, BG was actually .1 yards better than OU.

BG made first downs on 36% of its plays, which is a lot.

In other words, the offense was effective, except for two times---when it was turning the ball over, and on that one key 4th Q drive when they had the chance to put the game away.

Which is like saying you did a great job flying the plane except for takeoffs and landings.  (That's probably a little harsh).

Both teams were good on 3rd down, OU 8 of 16 and BG 5 of 9.

I thought for the most part, our O-line won a decent share of the battles during the game, but left Schilz exposed twice to bad consequences.

Both Keller and Woods had big games.  Keller, two forced fumbles, a fumble recover, a pass broken up and 15 tackles.  Woods, 9 tackles, 2 recovered fumbles and a hurry.

Finally, at a minimum, Samuel and Gates were injured at the end of the OU game.  Also, Jamel Martin appeared to disappear for a while as well.


Anonymous said...

When you state Jamel Martin appeared to disappear, what is your point ? He was injured and never returned to the game. You seem to have bias toward this player,why? When he ran for 111 yards against their toughest opponent , you incorrectly stated these yards were after it was not a competitive game. You displayed your bias then. Has he fumbled away a game or thrown interceptions? He has only contributed to his teams effort when called upon.The call for his service has been far too infrequent, that is the only issue I see as a problem. Keep your inappropriate comments to yourself and out writing , please

Orange said...

Thanks for reading and for your feedback. I like Martin as a player and never meant to indicate otherwise. He's been very productive when they used him.

Now, to address your specific concerns. Here is what I said about the WVU game:

"Jamel Martin was a bright spot for BG with a 100 yard rushing game, though, in all honesty, he had many of those yards when the game was over."

In the WVU game Martin had 74 of his 111 yards after the game was 31-10 on its way to 55-10.

And, I mentioned him "disappearing" in the paragraph about other injuries, but I had not heard about the status or seriousness of his injury. I saw him stretching on the sidelines and then he didn't return. My only point was that our health for the Buffalo game is in doubt right now.

Again, thanks for reading and for supporting the Falcons.