Thursday, November 10, 2011


So here is how the MAC looks this morning.  Could BG still get into the race?  Feasibly?  Yes, it isn't all completely over.  If BG won out, OU lost to either CMU or Miami, Temple lost to Kent, Kent lost to Akron and EMU and Miami lost to WMU or OU, there would be a four way tie at 4-4, and BG would have beaten each of the teams it was tied with.  There may be a couple other scenarios, but not very many.  As with all previous scenarios, the biggest issue starts with BG winning out...followed by Temple losing to Kent, and then the rest of it is pretty possible.  Most likely, OU or Temple wins with 3 losses.

In the West, NIU and Ball State are in control.  Either one wins out, and it is over.  Having said that, it won't be easy.  I don't see NIU losing, which virtually guarantees they will.

So, NIU and OU in the final is the most likely scenario.

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