Friday, November 11, 2011

Benchmark Report, NIU

So, here is the benchmark report for the NIU game, as sad a story as it is.

A few notes:

  • NIU made a first down on over 1/3rd of its plays.  That is going to leave a mark.
  • Check out the efficiency of that passing game...almost 19 yards a reception is just unheard of, especially when you go and get 64% completions.
  • For the second week in a row, BG got no sacks and no interceptions.
  • BG only gave up one sack, and for as little protection as Schilz had, their numbers are better than you would expect.  The hurries show up in the 54% completions.
  • BG had another huge game punting.
  • For the second week in a row, BG was dreadful on 3rd and 4th down.
  • BG ran the ball 28% of the no way can we win like that.

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