Saturday, November 12, 2011

ICSTR, Huskies.

So, the ICSTR has convened now at irregular schedules, bringing our band of clerics and mystics into chaos as their routine is broken.  Still, they have met and reviewed the special teams from the NIU game on Tuesday...

BG had a much better special teams game than they did at Kent, and was tracking to be positive until Boo Boo Gates fumbled an insult-to-injury garbage time punt in the 4th quarter.  Still, BG was +1, putting them in positive territory for the sixth time in seven games..  NIU was even better finishing a very strong +6.

For BG, the positives were a KO return to the 40, a 73 yard punt, a 48 yard net punt, a KO return to the 36, a punt to the 10, and a punt return to the NIU 40 (+2) (followed by a penalty).  That's +7, with no major plays.

On the negative side, you have a kickoff return to the 17, another one, a NIU return to the 35 and the Gates fumble (-3) for (-6) and a net of (+1).

For NIU, they had the two kickoffs stopped at the 17, a punt downed inside the 10 (+2), a KO return to the 35, a punt downed at the 12, a punt returned that reduced a 55 yard punt to 43 and recovering a fumble on a punt (+10).

On the negative side, there was the Boo Boo return to the 40, the Boo Boo return to the 36, and the Boo Boo return that ended up, after the penalty, on the BG 25.  That's (-4) for a +6 net.

For the year...well, at point BG was doing OK, but after going -20 over the past two weeks are now losing the special teams battle.  It is the first year that our opponents have been outpacing us by this much.

Two weeks left.

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