Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Orr Presser

Just watched yesterday's Orr Presser...a couple of things to note.

First,he says that the post rotation is a work in progress, which is, in a way, a confirmation of what we have all noticed, which is that it hasn't been what we need yet.

Second, Craig Sealey is our most improved player.

Third, his frustration recently has been in the lack of performance of the man to man defense.  I will note that those were the most athletic teams we have played, and it remains to be seen if we are athletic enough to play defense against very athletic opposition.  Not saying we can't, just saying it remains to be seen.

Also, if you go to, you can watch the presser..specifically, the last couple minutes which contain Coach Orr's statement on the situation at Syracuse.  His statements are heartfelt and honest.

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