Wednesday, November 02, 2011

ICSTR meets in Emergency Session....

Following the Falcon's special teams collapse at Kent, the International Centre for Special Teams Research met in emergency session to review the damage.  Upon reviewing the documents, two scribes became faint and had to be revived with an herbal poultice.

Coach Clawson said it was our worst special teams game of the was, in fact, that and more.  If was the second worst special teams game of the Clawson era.  The only worse game was the Temple game last year, when we gave up a touchdown, along with numerous other plays along the way.  BG ended up losing that game by a hair and I believe would have won this game with just a couple special teams plays.

BG did have positive plays....Eugene Cooper had a 27 yard punt return that created a 15 yard net and Boo Boo had a kickoff return to the 46 on the last play of the game.  (+2).  Balance that against a BG return to its 19, two out of bounds kickoffs, a kickoff return to the 5, a muffed punt (-3), a Kent kickoff return to the 35 and you have -8 for a net of -6.

Temple had a 44 yard field goal, the two Boo Boo kickoff returns inside the 20, three punts inside the 20, recovering the muffed punt (+3), a kickoff touchback, the KO return to their own 35 (+11) balanced only by allowing the Cooper punt return and the Gates KO return at the end of the game.

Suffice it to might not win a game with special teams, but you can't afford to lose one, and that is what happened out there at Kent.  To compete against NIU, this needs to get ramped back up again.

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