Monday, November 07, 2011

Today's Teleconference

So, I listened to Coach Clawson's short segment on the MAC teleconference...most of it was the usual stuff, what is the team's mood (good, he says) and what do you see out of NIU, etc.

There was one comment Coach made that I had not thought about.  He said that on senior day, BG will have 15 seniors, which (I add) is a low number to start with.  Then, he said that "8 or 9" of those players were walk that is pretty amazing.  It means that of the players who were recruited 4-5 years ago, only 7 made it to be a senior at BG.

And that was why the program needed new leadership more than anything else.

The Walk ons are:

Jason Rice
Steven Dunlap
Mickey Wagner
Scott Lewis
Justus Jones
Eugene Cooper
Jevon Leacock
Zack Ackenberger

Cooper, Lewis, Jones and Leacock all made starter-like contributions, while Rice had one glorious day and continues to contribute to the program.  Stevie Dunlap and Ackenberger play special teams.  That's pretty good for a bunch of guys who came here without a ride.

The players who were not walks on are:

Ray Hutson
Adrian Hodges
Kevin Moore
Kamar Jorden
Ben Bojicic
Adrien Spencer
Keith Morgan

Except for Jorden, all those players were from the previous regime, and really, you have Bojicic as a high performer, Huston, Hodges, Moore and Morgan have been contributors and Spencer made some starters earlier in his career.  So, the ones who made it did contribute, but it is a small return on a recruiting class.

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