Thursday, November 10, 2011

MAC Blogger Roundtable...

This week, our questions come from Temple Football Forever...

1) So far, who is the overall MAC player of the year and why?

I'm going with Chandler Harnish.  He's just a dominant player who is very difficult to defend because of the dual threats he presents.  He is the second most efficient passer and the second leading rusher in the MAC.  Close behind would be Eric Page and Jordan White.

2) Who will make the biggest impact at the next level?

Of this year's seniors, I'm going to say OG Brandon Brooks of Miami.  If no one decides to come out, looks like a lean draft year for the MAC.

3) Of MAC games played so far, what final score has surprised you the most?

CMU 48, NIU 41.  There's no rhyme or reason to that one.  In a different way, I have certainly been surprised by the Rockets getting 60 in two straights weeks and ending up 1-1...who would have ever thought that.  And, they could easily have finished 0-2.

4) What is the best road tailgating experience you ever had in the MAC?

I don't tailgate too much, so I will leave this one to the experts

5) Rank 'em, first to last
  1. NIU
  2. UT
  3. OU
  4. Ball State
  5. Temple
  6. Miami
  7. EMU
  8. WMU
  9. Kent
  10. BG
  11. Buffalo
  12. CMU
  13. Akron

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