Saturday, November 19, 2011

ICSTR Game 11

The ICSTR is now preparing to wrap up its work for the year, but is diligently finishing their work on the 2011 season.

The OU game featured pretty normal special teams.  Everyone made the plays they were supposed to, for the most part, and there were only a couple of huge efforts, one of which played a role in the game and another that didn't.

BG's big play was a blocked punt, but the offense squandered the momentum by giving the ball back on a fumble on the first play.

For OU, they did get a kickoff return into BG territory to set up one of their two 4th Quarter scores.

For the game, BG was +2 and OU was -2.

Scoring went like this...

For BG, they had two punts inside the 20, a blocked punt (+3) for (+5).

On negative plays, there was a 12 yard net punt, and the kickoff return mentioned above (-2) for a total of -3 and a net of +2.

For OU, the kickoff return was their only positive play (+2), while they added the blocked punt (-3), a 24 yard net punt (-4) for a net of (-2).

Note:  I know it is odd that a team can make 5 field goals and not get any credit under the system.  All of made field goals were under 40 yards, and MAC kickers are very accurate inside 40.  That's a FG that should be made--you lose points for missing them.

Anyway, here's the tally was just the third time all season that a BG opponent was in negative territory and one of those was Morgan State.  BG has only been in negative territory three times and by and large, special teams play has been better both ways this year.

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