Friday, November 04, 2011

Interesting take on conference shuffle on Bull Run....

So our friends at Bull Run had some interesting analysis of how the announcement that the Big East was raiding C-USA and MWC would impact the rankings of the mid-major conferences.  He said in the title of the post that the realignment "lifts" the MAC, a word I would like to quibble with, but the conclusion is the same.  Based on the expected alignment and the current rankings, the MAC makes a relative step forward compared to other mid-major conferences.

For example, based on Sagarin Rankings, the C-USA and Mountain West are the top two conferences (and its close) and then you have the MAC and the WAC (again close) and the Sun Belt.

Post re-alignment. MWC falls to the Sun Belt level and C-USA falls to MAC/WAC levels.  (Check the post out for actual numbers.)

Hence, while I would say that re-alignment is sinking C-USA and MWC to our levels as opposed to the MAC being lifted, the point is that at the end of this snapshot, things are much more even.

Having said that:

  1. Doesn't a WAC/MWC merger make sense?
  2. Other things could happen that we haven't anticipated.
  3. I think that the long term goal is to eliminate all the mid majors from "FBS" and in that context, no one is making any progress at all.

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