Thursday, November 17, 2011

Falcons Lose on Last Play...again

The Falcons hope to reach any of their goals--bowl eligibility, East title---came to an end last night at the Doyt.  We'll have more later....BG played its best game since the Temple game, but a mistake-prone team proved to be a mistake-prone team again, and having a two-score lead in the 4th was not enough as OU dominated the BG defense in the final quarter, leading up to the field goal.

As I said, more later.  I think that is BG's 7th loss on the last play over the last couple of years.

Even with a win at Buffalo, BG would finish 5-7, two straight losing seasons.  That would be a 3-game improvement. A loss at Buffalo means a 2-game improvement.  I picked us to go 5-7 this year, so we can't be too surprised.  Somehow, it still feels like we are better than we were last year but not much better than we were at the beginning of this year.

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