Thursday, November 03, 2011

MAC Blogger Roundtable----I weigh in

We are back at the MAC Blogger roundtable, where this week we are hosted by Let's Go Rockets.

1. As we enter the final month of the regular season for most teams, what piece has been missing from your respective team? Can adjustments be made in the remaining schedule to fix it? 

I am not sure how literally you mean piece, but I would say that the thing BG is missing most is consistency.  This team plays very well and then plays very poorly.  While it is true that the team is very young, that excuse wears off a little bit every week.  Eventually, they will either develop into good players or they will not, but there is no reason they can't solve the riddle and find some consistency over the last 3 games.

 2. How do you feel about the new uniforms in college football this season? Seems like teams are rolling out throwbacks and unveiling special uniforms for certain games. Should the MAC hop on board with this trend?

I was always a fan of the real throwback uniforms on occasional.  Many times, I think they look cool and help to remind people of the tradition and history of college football.  However, the "combat" uniforms teams have been wearing are just the opposite--ignoring the tradition of college football just to call attention to the uniform designer.  What Maryland is doing is just ridiculous.  In general, except for special occasions, I think teams should wear classy and traditional looking uniforms that show pride in our enduring institutions.

3. If you were creating an ideal MAC team using the offensive, defensive, special teams, and coaching portions of current MAC teams, list the components of your powerhouse combination. 

I'd want NIU's QB, line, and run-pass mix, combined with Temple's defense, Western's special teams and CMU's coach.   HA!  No, really.  I'd be happy with our coaches.

4. What one player on your team has the best chance of making an NFL roster? 

Boo Boo Gates.  People will draft him because they can remember his name.

 5. Rank ‘em

  1. NIU
  2. UT
  3. Temple
  4. OU
  5. EMU
  6. WMU
  7. Ball State
  8. Kent
  9. BG
  10. Miami
  11. CMU
  12. Buffalo
  13. Akron

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