Monday, November 20, 2017

25 questions to finish at the Factory

What is their body of work?

They are 4-7 on the year, but that's far from the whole story.  First, one of those wins was over Rutgers, which plays in the Big Ten.  They lost to Western, Ohio and Northern in in, lost in OT in all 3 games.  Let us say that BG did not fare that well against the last two.  They lost to Toledo by 5.  Need I say more?  There was Kentucky by four, Army by 1.  This is a team that can do everything but get over the hump.  That includes beating bad teams.  They have won 2 of their last 3, beating Ball State and Miami.

How many seniors and juniors on the two-deep?

They are pretty experienced, with This is a young team, with 28 upperclassmen on the two deep.  They have 10 sophomores on the two deep.

Who are their statistical leaders?

Roback is #17 in completions per game.
Maxx Crosby is #5 in sacks

What is their turnover ratio?

Unless noted, all stats are MAC Only below.  They are -4, same as BG.


How is their QB play?

He's good.  He's one of the best they have ever had.  He is #4 in passing efficiency.  He has 59% completions for 11.6 yards per completion, which is good but not overwhelming.  He has 12 TDs and a propensity to get picked with 12.

What is their scoring and yards per play?

They are 8th in scoring offense and tied for 7th in yards per play.  BG is #7 in scoring offense and tied with them in yards per play.

Can they run the ball?

Traditionally, this is a strength, but they are #9 in yards per carry.  After the UT game, this should be a relief for BG, but then again if we see the Eagles running wild, we'll know that's a bad sign.

Do they pass the ball?

They are 9th in pass efficiency.  Their stud receiver is Sergio Bailey II, who with 50 catches at 16.8 per.

How was their run/pass balance?

They run on 47% of their plays.

Do they convert on 3rd Down?

They are 11th at 32%

Do they score in the red zone?

They are average at 4.3 points per trip.

Do they protect the quarterback?

Bad sign.  They are very good and BG are last in sacks.  EMU allows sacks on only 2.9% of its attempts.


Topline: Scoring and yards per play.

They are #7 in scoring defense and 6th in yards per play allowed.  Where they are equal to BG in offense, they are much better of defense, even if they are not great.

Do they defend the run effectively?

They are pretty good, #4 in yards per carry allowed.

Can they be passed on?

They are relatively easy to pass on.  They are 10th in pass defense efficiency.  They play some youth in the secondary, and allow 63% completions (11th) at 12.2 YPC and 11 TDs and 2 INT.  This is a time for Jarrett Doege to have a coming out party.  His numbers are stronger than you think and BG's offense is coming together.  Here's a chance to plant the flag for next year.

Do they get off the field on 3rd down?

They are very good on 3rd down, #4 in the MAC.

Do they defend in the red zone?

They are not bad at 4.8 points per trip.

Did they pressure the QB?

Big worry here.  They get sacks on 8.9% of their opponent's passing attempts, which is high.

Special Teams:


They are 7th in net punting.  The issues are on distance, not returns.  And they've been blocked twice.

Punt Return?

They get about 5 yards per return.  One block.


He's pretty average, 13 out of 19, blocked twice, long of 46. (All games)


They are 4th with a 26 yardline start.  Actual returns are just 16 yards per, which is good.

Kickoff Return?

They start on the 24 (all games)

Miscellaneous: Overall atmospherics and intangibles.

So Dave Clawson used to say that a game like this is about who loves football.  Neither team has anything to play for.  Neither will play another game.  I don't expect this to impact the game, actually.  BG's guys are playing hard and I think that EMU is, too.  I expect a competitive game.

Doesn't seem to be a line, but EMU appears to be a favorite.  ESPN's thing shows an 84% likelihood of victory.

Be that as it may, I think we need to understand the our average offensive numbers are largely influenced by the non-Doege games.  He's putting some good numbers up and I think we're better on offense than they are.  This should at least be a competitive game and how nice would be it to at least get this one?

Lake Erie Preview

Quick preview.  BG plays four games this week, but this is the only one at home.  BG is playing the Lake Erie Storm, which is a DII school over in Painesville.  BG played them to open the 2012 season and BG had one of those games where they struggled with an inferior team, winning by 10 in the end on their way to a 13 win season.

They were 4-24 last year and picked to finish 10th in their conference.  They are 2-2 so far this year.

They are a young team.  Of their top 7 players in terms of minutes played, 6 are SO or FR.  Their leading scorer is Ryan Middendorf at just over 14 PPG.  Gabe Kynard and Harrison Riggs played HS at St. John's.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

BG Gets O-Line Verbal

And this one is a 3-star O-lineman from the Detroit area.  Who picked BG over UT and CMU.  Which seems to indicate that the recruiting mojo has not been lost.

His name is Quinton Barrow and he's from Romulus, MI.  He's listed at 6'6" and 303 pounds, which are obviously the kind of numbers you like to see.  O-linemen don't get stats, so we don't get a lot of the information we would get on a QB, for example.

Welcome to the Falcons, Quinton.

Past and Future Opponent Land

Michigan State (8-3)  Beat Maryland
South Dakota (7-4) Lost rivalry game to South Dakota State.  Made the FCS playoffs, unseeded, playing @Nicholls State.
Northwestern (8-3) Sunk the boat, beat Minnesota 39-0
Middle Tennessee (5-6) Lost to WKU
Akron (6-5)  Shocked OU, control destiny for East
Miami (4-7) Lost to EMU
Ohio (8-3) Lost to Akron
NIU (8-3)  Beat Western Michigan in close game
Kent (2-9) Lost to CMU
UB (5-6) Beat BSU, moving toward bowl eligibility
EMU (4-7) Beat Miami


FBS:  11-26
P5:  4-17
FCS:  10-1

West vs. East.  10-6 West



Falcon MBB Win Thriller at Stroh

And that, my friends, is why we love sports.  For the five times you might sit freezing in the Doyt watching the Rockets score at will against your team, you get a day like that.  What a game.  Big opponent, good crowd, and a game that had us on the edge of their seats for the better part of the contest and then a thrilling finish with a happy ending.  Honestly, I was on a high for hours.  That was a great game.  Thank you to the team for giving us that kind of pleasure.

I'm pretty sure that was what Bill Frack had in mind when he made his gift.  And thank him, too.

So for the first half was generally what was expected.  About six minutes in, FGCU had an 11 point lead and it was still 11 points with 7 minutes left.  BG then turned things around, got the lead down to 3, which is where the half ended on a Plowden dunk.

BG came out and built on the momentum in the second half, taking their first lead just a little over a minute into the game.  What followed was an outstanding half of basketball, with BG leading most of the way, but never by more than 6.

That 6 point lead came with 1:17 left when Dylan Frye nailed a 3.

Brandon Goodwin, who is a great player, came down the floor and drew a foul on Wiggins, his 5th.  Goodwin made both the free throws to cut it to 4 and then they got a steal on the other end and converted it to a hoop and it was down to 2 points with :46 left.

BG got a timeout and had Justin Turner driving to the hoop when he was called for a charge.

With :19 left, BG needed a stop.  They got it.  Goodwin drove to the hoop but couldn't get the ball to fall from close range and Derek Koch snagged the board and was fouled.  He missed both ends of the FTs and then with :06 left on the other end Koch fouled and the Eagles had 2 FTs down 2.

Zach Johnson made both of the FTs and the game had been tied up, with FGCU on a 6 point late run.  There were :05 left.

We had been here before and usually without a great result.

FGCU had been pressing, but on this possession, they went to 3/4 court.  They fed the ball into Dylan Frye who attacked his way up the floor.  I think FGCU expected him to drive to the rim looking for a basket or a foul since the game was tied.  Instead, he pulled up and launched a 3-ball that went down and BG had a 3-point lead with less than a second left and the Falcons had the 83-80 victory.  Players were in the stands shaking hands, there was a buzz in the arena for minutes afterward.  Just a terrific night.

The great thing?  Before those two late baskets, Frye was 1-9 on the night.  Stone cold.  Born shooter.

The crowd was great.  It was a good crowd and they were into the game and it was really loud in the last minute. Coach said that it "almost" was like Anderson.  Here's the point.  If this thing goes the way that it feels like its going, that place is going to be LOUD when its full.  Can't wait.

When we look at the stats, we see what we'd expect, which is a pretty close game.  It was a FAST paced game.  There were 84 possessions in the game.  That's the most possessions in a BG game since at least 2002 and maybe longer...there were whole years when BG never got over 75 or so.  BG is clearly looking to push the pace and they look comfortable doing it to me.

Anyway, beyond that, BG didn't have a great offensive day with .98 points per possession.  The big news is that they held FGCU to .95 points per possession.

Quick note.  This game is an excellent example of why we use tempo-free stats.  Yes, both teams were in the 80s, but they didn't have great offensive nights.  They scored on volumes of attempts.

The biggest thing is what you don't see.  FGCU came in getting 50% of their available offensive rebounds and BG held them to less than half of that.  The other difference was at the line, where BG had 33 attempts and FGCU only 19.  BG made 23 and FGCU 14.  That +9 was more than the difference.  BG got to the line a lot and FGCU had been excelling at that, too.  The Falcons made 70% of their free throws, which is right on national average and an improvement and the key to this one, beyond clutch shooting (52% in the second half).

Individually, Justin Turner had a big night.  He scored 20 points on 6 of 14 and 2 of 3 shooting, plus 6 of 8 on the line, 7 rebounds and 4 steals to go with 5 turnovers.  He also drew innumerable fouls.  Dylan Frye had 15 on the aforementioned 3-11 shooting and 7 of 8 at the line and 6 rebounds.  Wiggins had 14 on 6 of 11 shooting and 7 rebounds.  He struggled in the first half, especially on defense, but Coach said they told him they were going to feed him the ball and he was effective on the offensive end.  He has a nice touch around the basket.

Caldwell had 11 on 5 of 10 shooting and 1 assist.  He played 24 minutes and Cummings played 19.

Derek Koch had 11 rebounds.  Matt Fox had 4 rebounds and 3 assists in 17 minutes.

So, it was a great night.  And this team looks competitive and fun.  They play four games in the next 7 days and it is possible they could win all of them or at least 3.  Looking forward to watching it unfold.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Jinks Presser: EMU Edition

Coach Jinks gave a pretty interesting presser yesterday in advance of the EMU game, especially toward the end.  Here are the parts that I found interesting.

The most interesting part was when he described EMU by saying that he had looked at their roster and they had a bunch of guys for whom EMU was their only offer and that they had done a good job developing their talent and skills.

Which made me pause.  Because my question has been, why isn't that happening for our team?  You mean it is possible to take guys who weren't great recruits and turn them into better players?  That's interesting because the attitude around our program appears to be that you just have to suffer until the Babers players are gone.  Jinks himself has said that the only way to improve players is to bench them.  Apparently, someone has found another way.

And, when asked if the defense had made progress over the year, he said, "No."  He went on to say we don't get pressure and when we try to blitz we don' have the speed to cover on the edge.

Also on Eastern, he said that "they don't ask their guys to do too much on the back end," apparently indicating that there are tactical responses to not having the best players.

I will say this again.  Jinks is honest.  He said he hasn't wavered from his belief in what he is doing, but that at the same time you have to face your "weaknesses."

"That's how we are approaching it now," he said.

One other interesting thing...just one word, really.  When discussing the early signing period, he previously he said that he expected all of our commits to sign.  Yesterday, the answer was "a majority."  Could be nothing but it seemed interesting.

On the early signing, he said that he expects the P5 schools to fill their classes on 12/20, which will mean that when the smaller schools go out in January, they will know who is truly available as opposed to have a Noah Harvey-like situation from last year.  Which I think is interesting.

Coach has put a good recruiting class at the top of his priority list, so all of this is worth keeping an eye on.  I have no inside information, but my guess is that other schools are coming hard after all of our verbals.

Friday, November 17, 2017

Hello Dunk City....

Welcome to...this city.

So, BG has the Bill Frack game on Saturday.  If you recall, Bill Frank donated a huge gift to the men's basketball program with part of the money going to paying for better opponents to come to the Stroh.  This year, this is that game...Florida Gulf Coast.

They are ranked #102 on their kenpom, which does indeed make them the best team on our home schedule right now, including conference games. (The highest ranked team on the schedule is Old Dominion).

This is an excellent game to play at home.  First, this is a name team due to being the first team to go from being a #15 seed to the sweet sixteen and doing it with a high-flying style, a flashy coach with a supermodel wife, etc.  The coach/supermodel left for USC, but their new coach has them back and they have made the tournament the last two years.

Second, they are still good.  They are 2-0, with a win over a very good Illinois State team that has gone on to beat South Carolina.  The other win was @Siena.

We played them two years ago in Fort Myers and BG actually beat the Eagles 82-77.  We have literally one guy who played in that game (Wiggins) who will play Saturday.  In that game, BG had an un-falconlike 1.17 points per possession to win.

They have some big games coming up on their schedule, as they try to up their ranking with non-conference scheduling.

They play just like always have...around the rim and effectively.  Two-thirds of their shots are inside the arc (top 100 in country) and they make 60.5% of their 2FGS, which is #38.  Being around the basket has allowed them to get 50% of the available offensive rebounds, which is #2 in the nation.  They take good care of the ball and get to the line...this is a very good offensive team that is #71 overall on offense.

They aren't bad on defense.  They are a little worse than average this year, just like they were last year.  They don't force turnovers...and in a related fact are in the top 100 keeping teams off the line.  They are also above average defending the shot and protecting their defensive boards.

Brandon Goodwin is their lead player.  He started at UCF, but now is one of the best mid-major players in the country.  He is scoring 18.5 PPG on 46% shooting with 5 rebounds per game and 5.5 assists. 

Their leading scorer so far is Zach Johnson.  (After our last two football games, let's just say we aren't thrilled to be playing someone named Johnson).  He is scoring 20 PPG on 44% shooting.  They also have Christian Terrell, who is scoring 14.5 PPG on (uh) 68% shooting and 6.5 RPG.  Finally, Dinero Mercurius has been through like 3 schools but now is scoring 12.5 PPG on 45% and 40% from 3FG.  He has 6 of their 13 3FGs.

This is a very solid team that BG is playing.  It is at home.  Hopefully, the known name will bring some additional fans to the Stroh and BG can generate some home court advantage.  Also, teams tend to play UP for an opponent like this.  I'm looking forward to seeing how it turns out.  Would be a great win for us to get.

Falcons with new o-line verbal

The Falcons have their latest verbal commit, via the internet.  This young man is Joe Maxwell, a 6'4", 274 pound T/G from Florence, Alabama.  There isn't a lot of information on him--which happens on o-lineman.  Maxpreps says he is the #48 o-lineman in Alabama for his class.

I can't find anywhere that lists him as a ranked recruit.  That's not necessarily a big deal--BG has had plenty of unranked players turn into contributors and in fact, those overlooked guys with a chip on their shoulder can fit the culture of a mid-major program perfectly.

Given that the coaching staff and its supporters are pointing to recruiting as the reason to think the program can rebound, it is worth noting that BG's first 13 verbals were all 2 or 3 stars and since the season started BG has lost one of them and added two non-ranked players.

Certainly nothing definitive, but worth keeping an eye on.  We will get an earlier look than normal with the early signing period on December 20.  Coach has said that he is going on a 23-day recruiting trip when the season ends (in case you ever thought you wanted to be a football coach), and this is a critical time for the program.  He says we need to "stack" some recruiting classes.  Well, he'll be on the road with a 6-18 or 7-17 record, testing every bit of the recruiting muscle.

Welcome to the Falcons, Joe.  Prove 'em all wrong!

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Rockets Destroy Falcons

The sad thing is that it was expected.

You have to figure if you can't stop Tyree Jackson, Logan Woodside is going to eat you alive.

The Falcons were simply dominated by the Rockets Wednesday night at the Doyt.  There's no other way to look at it.  Particularly on offense, UT rarely was challenged as they racked up 66 points, which is the most points ever scored in the 82 times these two teams have met.

And if you're keeping track, that means the Jinks teams have now played 23 games at BG and given up over 70 twice and 66 once, and the first two came early in his tenure and one was to Ohio State but THIS one was at the end of his second year, when he might have started to get it together and it was to a team in our conference.  And our rival.  On our field.

The defense is an absolute mess.  Bad angles, bad fits, no one setting the edge, no tackling in the secondary, poor pass coverage, little pass rush.  Just an absolute mess.

Somehow, I'm sure Dino Babers is to blame.

Something has to be changed.  I understand that the university won't buy Jinks out, but if he brings his staff back intact, he's just setting a date for when he leaves at the end of his contract.  I have been writing about his under-prepared staff since they got here.  He under-estimated what you need to win at this level and now the program is paying the price.  I am convinced that it won't get fixed with the guys in headsets for this game.  If we can't get a new head coach, he's got to do something to change the trajectory.

Not to call anyone out, but, you know, you might start looking on the defensive side of the ball.

There is one good thing about this game.  No one can be under any illusions about where we are, relative to our goal, which is to be the best team in the MAC.  That team was on our field last night and they scored 66 points.  Last year's mini-streak passing tired horses might have created the illusion that things have stabilized, but with this finish there can be no doubt how bad it is.

Changes need to be made if for no other reason than for recruiting.  BG is going to be negatively recruited like crazy over the next few weeks, partly by the guys who beat us tonight.  Yes, I know bad teams can offer playing time, but no player wants to be on the business end of a beating like that.

The fear is that we are slipping into the position that Miami was in after Hoeppner left.  A decade of losing that they appeared to have snapped out of, but have not.

The negativity was already bad and this is just going to make it worse.  Frankly, it's hard to see them beating EMU either, though I guess its possible.  Either way, 2-10 or 3-9, this team has not improved over last year, record-wise or playing-wise.  Changes are needed.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

25 Questions to throw the record book out

What is their body of work?

 Say what you like, the Rockets have been one of the most consistent teams in the MAC.  They have been cursed by being bested by great NIU teams and then a great WMU team.  This year, they appear to have broken through and should appear in the MAC Championship game for the first time in years.  The had a shot to run the table and play on New Year's Day, but a loss at Miami (FL) scuttled that and then they laid a serious egg in their last game against OU, something which should be of zero comfort to the Falcons.

How many seniors and juniors on the two-deep?

This is a young team, with 23 upperclassmen on the two deep.  They have 18 sophomores on the two deep.

Who are their statistical leaders?

Diontae Johnson is #4 in all purpose yards, #15 in combined return yards, #12 in kickoff returns, #8 in receiving yards, #9 in receiving TDs,
Reggie Giliam is #2 in blocked kicks
Jameson Vest is #12 in FG%, #2 in FG/G
Logan Woodside is #5 in passing efficiency, #13 in passing yards, #7 in yards per completion
Olasunkanmi Adeniyi is #19 in TFL

What is their turnover ratio?

Unless noted, all stats are MAC Only below.  They are +6.


How is their QB play?

He's the best in the MAC, I don't think there's much doubt about that.  His efficiency rank is 166 and the next guy is 136.  He has 66% completions, 15 yards per completion and 9 TDs over 1 pick.  He's no Tyree Jackson, if you know what i mean.

What is their scoring and yards per play?

They are #4 in scoring and #1 in yards per play.  They get 7.2 yards per play and the second team gets 6.3.  (BG's defense is 11th in both).

Can they run the ball?

They are second in the MAC at 5.4 yards per rush.  BG is 11th on defense.

Do they pass the ball?

See above.  They lead the MAC in passing efficiency and it isn't close.  You can also see Diontae Johnson above, but they also have Jon'Vea Johnson at 14.9 per catch and Cody Thompson at 19.2.

How was their run/pass balance?

They run on 52% of their plays.

Do they convert on 3rd Down?

So, you saw the gap between yards and scoring.  They should have more points based on the yard production.  That's partly because they are 11th on 3rd down.

Do they score in the red zone?

They are also poor in the red zone at 3.9 points per trip.

Do they protect the quarterback?

They give up sacks on 6% of their attempts, which is about average, especially considering the relatively long routes they throw.


Topline: Scoring and yards per play.

Unlike previous UT teams that came up short, this team is strong on both sides of the ball.  They are #3 in scoring defense and #4 in yards per play allowed.

Do they defend the run effectively?

This is an opportunity for BG.  They are #8 in yards per carry allowed.

Can they be passed on?

Not easily.  They are #2 in pass efficiency defense.  They allow 53% completions, 10.8 per completion, 7 TDs and 8 INTs, great numbers all down the line.

Do they get off the field on 3rd down?

They are 6th in 3rd down defense.

Do they defend in the red zone?

First, they have allowed only 13 red zone trips, which is best in the MAC.  When teams do get there, they score at 5.3 per trip, which is not good for the defense.

Did they pressure the QB?

Not very.  They get sacks on 4.1% of opponent attempts.

Special Teams:


They are 11th in the MAC in net punting.  Their return defense is good, it appears to be a length of punt thing. He's been blocked once and no TDs allowed.

Punt Return?

See above, they lead the MAC with 13 yards per return, which is 5 yards more than the next team.  They have 1 TD and 2 blocks.


Vest is just money.  20-23 with a 49 long.  3/4 over 40.


They are 7th with teams starting at the 25-26.

Kickoff Return?

They are #3 in kickoff returns.

Miscellaneous: Overall atmospherics and intangibles.

So John Wagner asked a good question this week.  What happened to the rivalry?  My answer was that BG quit winning...he claims that it starting to go down before that, which is not how I remember it.  Also, I think that having BG and UT in separate divisions also hurt the rivalry.  It is possible (thank god) for BG to win a MAC title without beating UT.

Simply put, this would be one of the biggest upsets in the history of the rivalry if it happened. BG did lead last year in the 4th Quarter, but ultimately lost.  UT would be a huge favorite under ordinary circumstances, but then factor in BG's lack of health on the o-line and then the fact the UT needs a win and is coming off a bad loss and it has a really tough look to it.

And yet, such things happen.  This is why we love sports.

BG's opening is the UT run defense.  BG simply has to run the ball effectively and use the clock to have a shot.  Coach says we are "so close" to having a top tier offense...well, this is where it is going to have to show up.  If the BG defense is left on the field most of the night, this is going to be a rout.

That's just based on the way Buffalo moved the ball on our defense and these guys are way better than that.  Now, the defense might well rally for the big game, but they have shown us no reason to think that they are capable of slowing down this Rocket attack.  The offense is going to be need to help out and BG needs to get some breaks on top of it.

By far the most likely outcome will be that the streak continues.  I will say this.  A win and Coach Jinks can count on silencing the doubters for a while.  A blow out?  Well, the fan base tends to react pretty poorly to those, especially in this game.  If that happens, the overall ecosystem just grows more toxic.

Monday, November 13, 2017

Coyote Run Dooms BG MBB

South Dakota was shaping up to be a tough that won their conference last year...and they proved it at the Stroh Center Monday.  BG played well for much of the way, but the Coyotes remained in contact and did what good teams do, which is fire off a big run in the last 8 minutes and they picked up the road victory, 88-79.

BG was up 1 with 8:39 left to play in the game.  Over the next 3 minutes or so, SD went on a 16-4 run to jack the lead up to 11 points.  BG did battle and had the ball down 4 in the last minute but missed a jumper and then the Coyotes were good from the line to seal the victory.

In all, I am encouraged.  Justin Turner showed what it means to be a freshman, making on 2 of 14 shots.  Derek Koch double-doubled though and BG got good minutes from Cummings and Plowden and even four competitive minutes for Gadson.  Frye played well, despite some phantom foul calls.  This team has young talent and I think there's reason to think that BG is on the comeback trail, tonight's loss not withstanding.

The primary factor in the game was fouls.  There were 51 fouls called, which is just crazy.  Frye was the only player to foul out, but eight others had four fouls when the game finally ended.

The second factor is pace.  This game was played at a very fast fact, the game had 80 possessions, a pace BG reached only four times last year.  So, when you see the high score total, you have to take the pace into account.  In fact, SD had 1.1 points per possession, which is good but not great and BG had .99, which is bad but not awful.

When you look at BG's offense, you can't get by that shooting.  BG's 39.7% EFG (rounded to 40 in the chart) was a total that BG only did worse than twice last year....that awful EMU game early in the year and then the football player game against OU.  BG made only 35% of its 2FG attempts, which also would have been their third lowest last season.  With that poor shooting, you'd expect to have a really stinky offensive night, but BG took care of the ball, did well on the offensive boards and while they didn't get to the line as much as SD, BG made 78%.

On the defensive side, SD shot much better, obviously.  It surely seemed that they had an easy time attacking the basket and often shredded BG on the inside.  They made over 50% of their 2 FGs and 40% from beyond the arc after missing their first 8, meaning most of them came in their big run to finish the game.  They took even better care of the ball and didn't rebound well.  They got to the line a lot but only made 63%.

So, look.  BG is a young team.  SD is a veteran team that has a championship.  THEY had 10 new guys last year.  So, let's just hang with it.  For this night, BG found it very difficult to make shots and SD didn't, and that was really the difference.

One thing is clear.  The fans are going to have to be won back.  BG drew only 1,200 for the season opener.

So, Florida Gulf Coast comes in Saturday in what should be an even tougher contest.