Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Special Teams Report: Buffalo

BG had another positive game on special teams.  It was another quiet week--which is good--meaning that there were no big plays either way.  BG switched the kickoff return team around, running two new guys out there, but that didn't end up helping that much.  BG got one good return, negated by penalty and had a couple outright bad returns.  BG also had a kickoff OB.  On the positive side, BG's kick and punt coverage certainly looks better against Buffalo than it did against Tennessee.  Joe Davidson continued to be very successful.

UB finished in minus territory.  They had a couple kick coverage issues and missed an XP.  They had some big punts as well and benefitted from covering the kickoffs to BG.

Anyway.  BG was +2 and UB -1.  Don't know what BG will try on kickoff returns, but I suspect they will stay with those two guys and give them another shot.

BG Positive (+5)

BG punt to 19 (+1)
UB KOR to 13 (+1)
UB KOR to 16 (+1)
BG punt to 14 (+1)
UB KOR to 14 (+1)

BG Negative (-3)

BG KOR to 15 (-1)
BG KO OB (-1)
BG KOR to 6 (-1)

UB Positive (+4)

BG KOR to 15 (+1)
UB 46 yard net punt (+1)
UB 50 yard net punt (+1)
BG KOR to 6 (+1)

UB Negative (-5)

UB KOR to 13 (-1)
UB KOR to 16 (-1)
UB KOR to 8 after penalty (-1)
Penalty puts BG KOR on 41 (-1)
Missed XP (-1)

Babers and Trainer Rescue Accident Victim

As you have almost for certain heard by now, one of the BG team football buses was in the vicinity of a car accident on its way home from Buffalo on Saturday.  Coach Babers and Chelsea Lowe, a BGSU Athletic Trainer pulled Amber Nettles from a burning car around midnight.  Check out the Blade for the rest of what is a very compelling story that is getting national coverage.

Make sure you read down far enough to see the part about why Coach Babers is especially motivated to provide roadside assistance.

Great story, and proud of Coach and Chelsea.

Monday, October 05, 2015

Babers Presser

Coach did his presser Monday.  Nothing very newsworthy, but a couple things worth thinking about.

First, he says that his team is banged up. I was a little surprised to hear that because the team is definitely healthier than last year.  Anyway, he says goal #1 is getting the team healthier.

Second, he had good things to say about UMass, who easily could have beaten BG last year.  Frohnapfel is definitely a good QB and Sharpe is an outstanding WR.  He says they are much improved on defense and this is a veteran team.

Third, he talked a lot about losing at home, which he does not like to do.  At all.  It is interesting (me talking now) because usually the home thing is a bigger deal in basketball than it is in football.  Anyway, he says the home losses will bug him for a long time.  The team is only allowed to think about it for 24 hours, but Coach says he holds onto them for a lot longer.  He then said it was ok because "he wouldn't be here much longer" by which he meant alive, not at BG.

Adjei-Barimah Makes NFL Debut

Exciting new for one of our Falcon alumni...Jude Adjei-Barimah was promoted from the practice squad and made his NFL debut yesterday for Tampa Bay.  He didn't rack up any stats but he did play.

Congrats, Jude.  The Falcon Nation is behind you.

BG continues to run the table on East Offensive POW

Roger Lewis became the 5th BG player in five weeks to win the MAC East Offensive Player of the Week.  It is his second time getting the award.

He's putting up ridiculous numbers.  Here is the write up from the MAC:

Bowling Green sophomore wide receiver Roger Lewis (Pickerington, Ohio) caught 10 passes for 201 yards and a touchdown in a 28-22 win at Buffalo. It was Bowling Green's fifth straight win over Buffalo and 13th consecutive against MAC East foes. Lewis, who leads the country in receiving yards with 760, it was his third 200-yard performance in the last four games. He is the first player in school history with three 200-yard receiving games in his career, which he has accomplished in a four-game stretch. He is one of two players in the country with more than 600 receiving yards and is now tied for fifth in receiving touchdowns.
I mean, I know we haven't played a stat-friendly offense like this, but at the same time I'm not sure BG has ever had a weapon like Lewis at WR.  I mean, you think...Charles Sharon, Ronnie Redd...Cole Magner was a possession receiver.

Congrats to Roger!

Sunday, October 04, 2015

Past and Future Opponent Land

Tennessee  (2-3) Lost 24-20 at home to Arkansas.
Maryland (2-3) Lost 28-0 to Michigan.  Now on their 3rd QB.
Memphis (5-0) Rallied to beat South Florida 24-17.
Purdue (1-4) Lost by 3 to MSU and easily could have beaten them.
Umass (1-3) Beat FIU.  See this: first FBS-level non-conference win in program history.
Akron (2-3) Lost 14-12 to OU.
Kent (2-3) Beat Miami
Ohio (4-1) Beat Akron
WMU (1-3) No rowing this week.
UT:  (4-0) Won @Ball State 24-10.
Ball State (2-3) Lost to Toledo


All FBS: 12-29
P5: 4-20
Non P5-FBS: 8-9
FCS: 9-0

Sweet Victory #3: The Defense

The defense had a big role in the BG win Saturday at Buffalo.

The mantra is the same.  They're not great.  They can get better.  Lots of room to get better.  But, they are ahead of expectations and playing well enough to give this team--this team--a chance to win, and that's all we were hoping for.

They were in a bend but don't break mode against Buffalo.   James Sanford said after the game (paraphrasing) that they would prefer not to bend either, but here is what happened yesterday.

  • They didn't give up big plays.  Long play from scimmage was 24 yards.
  • They kept the pressure on Buffalo, who had 19 3rd down plays in the game (and they converted 10, which is good but not earth shaking).
  • They kept Buffalo from running the ball, with 4.1 yards per carry and no run over 12 yards.
  • They held Licata to 59% completions and only 9.9 yards per completion, both of which are excellent results.
  • They held Buffalo to 22 points on 6 red zone trips, which was the key part of the game.
  • They had a huge takeaway in the red zone on the Sanford interception.

Yes, the 4th quarter was ugly, but as Coach said after the game, you are graded on the "whole test, not just one part" and BG's defense helped the team build the lead that was eventually too much to overcome.

I honestly just think they are getting better coaching this year and they are playing more effective team defense.  They are tackling better and are much better in pass coverage.  They are not generating a bunch of negative plays (sacks and TFL), but they have been difficult to run against.  Given the lack of experience in the program, this is promising for the future, for as long as this whole situation stays in place.

Individually, in addition to the pick, Sanford had a team high 13 tackles, 1 TFL and 1 break up.  Valdez had 10 tackles and 3 break ups.  Trent Greene had 8 tackles and a TFL.  Shannon Smith had the team's only sack.

Sweet Victory #3: The Offense

There are a few points to note about BGSU's offensive performance.

The first we covered in the recap.  Travis Greene is a beast.  He is within 515 yards of being the most prolific rusher in the program's history...and while I understand you play more games today, etc, etc, you also get fewer rushing attempts.  If you're talking Miles, Preston, Pope and Durig, you are going to have to put Greene in there.  In fact, his career yards per attempt is just a hair over 5.5 yards per game and is within hailing distance of the school record, 5.7 (Durig).

He's just hard to tackle.  He makes guys miss.  Coach was asked about it and he said "that comes from the man upstairs, he decided he wanted to make a guy who was hard to tackle."  He's also a strong runner, especially for his size.  He's a historic performer in our program.

Yesterday, he was just great.  I have already talked about how he got the first downs that put the game away.  He had 119 yards on only 17 carries, which is 7 yard per carry.  Plus, they were clutch.

The BG running game was strong overall.  Fred Coppet had 75 yards on 10 carries.  Donovan Wilson scored once and had one crucial first down blast, Matt Johnson had a running TD as did Ronnie Moore.

Overall, BG "only" had 536 yards, which is low but mostly attributable to Buffalo being able to run long drives, especially in the second half.  BG played turnover-free ball with 7.5 yards per play, which is good in any league, any time.

Matt Johnson had a quiet day for him in terms of bulk numbers, but the same story applies here.  He threw only 29 times...BG ran only 71 plays--so the overall numbers are going to be less.  He was, however, 23 out of 29, (79%) with an absurd 11.2 yards per attempt and 14 per completion.  A good benchmark is 60% with 12 yards per completion.  He was just very efficient out there.

Roger Lewis also a great player.  I think he might easily be an NFL receiver and if BG keeps this offense he will leave with school records in receiving yards going away.  He had his third 200 yard game of the season, which is more than any other BG receiver has had in their career.  That's 201 yards on 10 catches.

He's just a weapon.  Coach said that Buffalo switched their top CB over to Lewis part way through the game and if there could have been five minutes that didn't count he would have loved to see those guys battle, but "we were trying to win the game" so we adjusted to throw the other way.  Point it, defenses have to account for Lewis on every play and that makes it hard for them to also account for Dieter, Burbrink and Moore.

BG was 7 of 12 on 3rd down and went on to get 1 more on 4th down, which is very good, and had 4 touchdowns in five red zone trips, which, in contrast to Buffalo, was the difference in the game.

The one area of concern was pass protection.  Johnson was sacked 4 times on one possession in the first/second quarter, but after that there were no more sacks, so BG was able to lock that down moving forward.

Overall, another good offensive performance.  It can still get better, but it was good, especially given the elements.

Sweet Victory 3: BG Beats Buffalo Recap

BG went into a blustery and windy Buffalo stadium on Saturday with a couple of challenges.  The first was to continue its success against the MAC East, and the second was to face tough elements in an unexpectedly early challenge.  To wit, the temp was 47 with 22 MPH winds and there were showers.

In response, BG put together a very solid game where they led comfortably for most of the game and then held off a furious late Bull rally to seal the win.  Road wins are always good and this win was a nice start for BG.  The yardage totals weren't huge but the offense was efficient and got some big play and the defense played pretty well.  And when we needed it, we had #8.

UB won the toss and deferred, choosing to give the BG offense first shot.  The Falcons did what you would hope--which was to score--though it was a 4 minute, 11 play drive for 85 yards that featured a 37 yard completion to  Ryan Burbrink as well as a steady diet of Travis Greene and Donovan Wilson establishing the run.  BG faced only two short third downs before getting into the end zone to make it 7-0.

BG put the KO OB, and UB was able to put together a nice drive to get down to the BG 20.  What followed was the first example of the game's most important trend, which was BG's ability to stop UB in the red zone and for the Bulls to kick FGs or even (foreshadowing)  forcing them to kill time getting a score.

Anyway, BG got an incompletion on first down, hit Anthone Taylor for a 1 yard game and then tackled Weiser--the Bull's Sasquatch-like TE--short of the marker, forcing a FG.  By the way, that was a 5:00+ drive.

There were serious protection issues on the next drive, as Johnson was sacked on 2 of the first 4 plays from scrimmage.  Fortunately, BG has Travis Greene, who ripped off 14 yards and 15 yards on the plays after those sacks to turn them into first downs.  BG had a 4th and 4 from the UB 37, converted it, but then had an illegal block and another sack (10 yards) that left BG punting from the UB 47 and Davidson put it out at the 19.

We're in the second quarter now.  UB had a big play on first down that was negated by a holding call and then they went 3 and out and punted BG to the 26.  Here, the Falcons do what they do, hitting Lewis for 61 yards on the second play of the drive and then darting Johnson into the end zone for the 10 yard run to take a 14-3 lead.

Buffalo took the next kickoff and went on another nice drive, mixing running and passing until they were down at the BG 22.  Once again, though, things got tougher.  Licata threw and incomplete pass and then Taylor was stuffed for 2 yards and then another incomplete pass left UB on 4th and 8 from the BG 20 with 4 minutes left.  One of the things that our offense does do is put pressure on you to get points.  UB was going into the wind and they went for it but threw an incomplete pass and turned it over on downs.

There's 4:13 left and this is a moment of maximum opportunity for BG and danger for UB.  If BG scores it is 21-3 going into the half and things are going to be tough.  To emphasize the point, Johnson hit Lewis for 54 yards to the UB on the second play of the drive.  BG went to Coppet who gained 9 yards on three plays.  Then, from the UB 9 with about 2 left in the half, BG passed on a FG and went for it and UB got pressure on Johnson who threw inaccurately to Burbrink and UB had the stop that they really needed.

Now the shoe was on the other foot.  UB had the chance to seize halftime momentum and they went on a very effective drive, moving to the BG 13 without even facing 3rd down once.  Here, BG once again was able to get a stop, though, forcing two incompletions and a 2 yard completion on the next drive and UB this time went for the FG and made it 21-6 with :22 left.

BG actually took a run at scoring, getting 34 yards on 3 pass plays before Tyler Tate missed a 54 yard FG to end the half.

Buffalo is a deadly team in the 3rd Quarter, outscoring opponents this year 43-3.  In our blogswap, the UB guys said that Leipold is a real football coach who can make locker room adjustments.  UB took the kickoff and went on another long drive before facing a 3rd and 5 from the BG 22 before Licata threw for the end zone, only to be picked off by James Sanford in what was a huge play at the time and will eventually look huger or more huge.

BG went 3 and out and Buffalo drove again.  They converted a 3rd and 6 and a 3rd and 7 but then got to the 10 and once again fell completely flat, going incomplete on 3 straight plays.  I really thought they would go for it here, too, but they kicked the FG and made it 21-9.

At this point there were only about 2 minutes left in the 3Q.  BG completely switched up the kickoff return team but still ended up with a -4 yd return that had them starting on the 6.  They caught a huge break on an unsportsmanlike against UB, and BG went on a nice drive.  Coppet had a 36 yard run that got the ball deep in UB territory and another 12 yard run to get it to the 12 and then on 3rd down from the 7 BG ran Ronnie Moore on an option reverse to go up 28-9 with 14:54 left.

At this point, UB switched from being a third quarter team to a 4th quarter team.  At this point, it is a 3-score game but you certainly don't feel safe if you are BG.

Off a penalty on the KOR, UB started on their own 8.  They put together an effective drive, but BG's defense was keeping things in front of them and forcing them to use a lot of plays to get down the field...shades, in fact, or the 2013 defense.  They converted one 3rd and long and one 4th down.  With the ball on the BG 1, BG then launched a stand which kept Buffalo out of the end zone until 4th down.  Those last three plays probably burned 2 minutes off the clock (UB also used a timeout on the drive).

Nonetheless, it was now 28-16.

UB continued to try and make things easy for BG, as they committed a personal foul on the kickoff return and BG had the ball at its own 41.  Johnson hit Ronnie Moore for 20 yards on the first play.  At this point, the kill is there.  UB stiffened and facing a 4th and 9 from the UB 38, BG had Ryan Burbrink was open for the first down and he just dropped the ball.  No other word for it.  Guy has been a great player for us, he's a warrior, I love the way he plays and he's made 20 great plays for every play like this, but that's what happened.

UB took the ball over with 6:29 or eternity left in the game.  They went on a true 2-minute drill type game, shredding the BG defense for a 7 play that covered 1:23 and ended up in the end zone to make it 28-22 (the missed the xp).

So stuff was real at that point.  There was still 5:06 left to play.  You had to have the feeling that if BG left UB get the ball back without a Falcon score, this one was not going to end well.  And...of course, you are built to be fast and this is one time you want to be slow.  (UB had 2 timeouts).

BG got a nice kickoff return to the 35, but backed up on a penalty to the 25.  

Enter Travis Greene.

Facing a 2nd and 11 (and the highest level of peril in the game), Greene ripped off a 10 yard run and then with 3:16 left Donovan Wilson converted the first down.  Buffalo called timeout #2 before the first down play.  On first down, Johnson rushed for nothing and with 3:07 left UB called their last time out.  On second down, Travis Greene ripped off a 29 yard run for a back breaking first down.  He then gained 11 yards on the next two carries while BG milked the play clock and then it was the victory formation.

So, yeah.  Falconfast killed the last 5 minutes of a game to salt a game away.

More to come...but it was a nice victory for our guys.  Yes, it was dicey at the end and the defense bent a lot but they made the plays when they needed to and the offense actually was highly efficient even though the gross yardage totals were not what we'd expect.  BG showed they can run and pass.  And the team is 1-0 in the MAC.  No complaints here.

Friday, October 02, 2015

25 Questions that don't hate

Leipold Blocking Sleds
What is their body of work?

Buffalo is off to a 2-2 start.  They have wins over Albany and Florida Atlantic with losses to Penn State and Nevada.  Albany is FCS, and FAU has no FBS wins.  On the other hand, beating Nevada would have been a nice win and UB led Penn State 17-13 entering the 4th Q.  So far, I'd say they have won the ones they should have and come close to winning the other two.  They are probably better than their record, though they have yet to seemingly play really well this year.

How many seniors and juniors on the two-deep?

23.  This is a pretty young team.

Who are their statistical leaders?

Boise Ross is #1 in the nation in passes defended

What is their turnover ratio?

The are +3, which is high for a 2-2 team.


 How is their QB play?

UB has a senior QB, Joe Licata, who has been around a long time and I think was expected to pretty much kill it this year.  He is 7th in the MAC in pass efficiency.  Inside numbers seem OK.  He has completed 65% of his passes for 10.9 yards per completion.  He does have 6 TDs and 4 INT.  He is not a threat to run.

What was their scoring and yards per play?

They are averaging 29 PPG, which is partly inflated by the Albany game but is 5th in the MAC.  Our Blogswap with Bull Run indicates that the offense is struggling.  They average 5.3 yards per play, which is average.

TB Anthone Taylor says he
hates BG.

We don't think about him
at all.
Can they run the ball?

Their overall team number is 3.9 but that's a little bit misleading.  Their two lead backs average 5.0
yards per carry, which are good (top 10 in MAC right now) but nothing earth-shaking.  They are, however, committed to the run.

Do they pass the ball?

As noted above, their efficiency ranking is not great but the numbers inside are OK.  They have good WRs if they can get the ball to them.

How was their run/pass balance?

They run 51% of the time, which is on the high side for a team today.

Do they convert on 3rd Down?

They have converted 32% which is poor.  They are 10th in the MAC and 114th in the nation in this stat.  If they got this turned around, it would make a difference.

Do they score in the red zone?

They are not bad, at 5.5 points per trip.

Do they protect the quarterback?

This has been a weakness.  They have given up 9 sacks in 139 attempts, which is 6.5% of attempts, which is high.


If you look closely, you can see
Kent's equipment truck.

Topline: Scoring and yards per play.

On defense they have been considerably stronger.  They allow only 20 PPG, which is very good, but allow 5.3 yards per play which is average.  The turnover margin helps them here.

Do they defend the run effectively?

They have allowed 5.0 yards per carry, which is neither good nor awful.

Can they be passed on?

They lead the MAC and are 19th in the nation in pass efficiency defense.  They allow only 50% completions and have 4 INT with 4 TDS.  When passes are completed, they are going for 11.2 yards per completion, which is relatively high.

Do they get off the field on 3rd down?

They allow 41% success, which is average.

Do they defend in the red zone?

They are on the low side of effective at 5 points per trip allowed.

Do they pressure the QB?

They have 7 sacks which is 5.1% of attempts, which is not a lot but not terrible.

Special Teams:
Buffalo's 1899 HB

Didn't hate him either.


Their net punting is not good, 12th in the MAC.  Their kicker averages only 40 yards per kick and they have given up 11 returns for 11 yards going the other way.  He has 7 kicks inside the 20 and only 1 TB, so the yardage issue might be deliberately short kicks to nail the other team deep. He has 6 kicks over 50.  They have not been blocked.

Punt Return?

They have only 4 returns this year, but one was for an 86 yd score.  No blocks.


He is 4-6.  His long is 43 and he has missed from 35 and 47, so only 1 bad miss.


Their kickoff is not good, with only 10 TB in 24 kicks and an average starting point of the 29.

Kickoff Return?

They start on the 22 on average, which is not good.  They average less than 20 yards per return.

Miscellaneous: Overall atmospherics and intangibles.

A few things.

First, this is a matchup between Buffalo's very good pass defense and BG's big pass attack.  The Falcons need to run the ball to be effective.

On the other side of the ball, this is probably the least effective offense BG has played this year.  It will be interesting to see how they react to it.  UB is most effective on the run and BG has had a decent run defense lately, so that will be an interesting matchup.

I liked the Leipold hire.  His record at Whitewater?  111-8.  Yes.

BG has had good success over UB recently and has won 12 straight games against the MAC East.  I pick BG to win this game, but I do think the UB is better than their record.  If they can get stops against BG, we know that makes the Falcon machine very klunky and they'd have a good shot to win.

Richaun Holmes Check in

Just a quick men's basketball interlude...when last we heard about BG star Richaun Holmes and his NBA journey he had broken his elbow during the Summer League but was expected back for training camp.  Which he is, and they seem to be still committed to him, which is also good news.  He did sprain his ankle in practice Wednesday, but expects to be back today or soon after.

Go get 'em Richaun.

Thursday, October 01, 2015

Falcon Football by the Numbers

Some statistical notes....

ESPN has this ranking on team efficiency.  It basically looks at the contribution each unit makes on a per-play basis.

It isn't a terrible surprise that BG is the 12th most efficient offense.  In fact, the only surprise might be that it isn't higher.  The next highest offensive team is Ohio, which is #41 in the nation.

The defense, also to no one's surprise, is that the defense is #112 out of 128.  UMass, WMU and EMU are ranked below BG defensively.

Finally, BG's special teams turn out to be the lowest ranked unit.  They are 116th in the nation.  Kent, Miami and CMU are below BG in the MAC and Purdue is 126th in the nation FWIW.

Anyway, the picture is pretty accurate.  The defense and special teams have been good enough but the offense is carrying the team.  Hopefully, the defense and special teams will get better in MAC play, because this method is great while it works but there is no margin for error if you have a bad day on offense.

Looking at the national stats...

Matt Johnson is #1 in passing yards, #1 in passing yards per game, #2 in completions, #4 in passing TDs, #5 in points responsible for and #1 in total offense.

Roger Lewis is #2 in receiving yards and #5 in receiving yards per game.

Austin Valdez is #4 in total tackles.

As a team, BG is 2nd in first down. 1st in passing offense and 6th in total offense.

Now, on the negative side, BG is 120th on 4th down defense, 127th in penalty yards, 123rd in kickoff returns and 125th in punt return defense.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Blog swap with Bull Run...

We had the opportunity to renew our annual blog swap with the guys over at Bull Run, one of our peers in the MAC Blogosphere. They are good guys are true fans. I am answering some questions from him, soon to come.

1. So there's a new Coach in town and a really interesting hire...a highly successful DIII Coach. How has he changed the Bulls style of play and the culture of the program.

It has been OK so far. Many are glad UB did not go after another character like Quinn. Lance is a classy man with a great story. Jury is still out but overall fan base is pleased with the hire/ Some have concerns over, for lack of a better cleaner word, conservative calls the past couple of games. The offense has really stalled. The other troublesome trend is penalties. Buffalo especially at Penn State beat themselves with terrible penalties like false starts. Bulls fans hoping to correct the penalties and get the offense moving. Still have faith in Lance.

2. You're 2-2, but could easily be 3-1. How do you feel the season is going to date?

If you asked me before the season, I would have taken 2 -2. After watching the games, I have a bad taste in my mouth. Buffalo is still looking for that non-MAC signature win and Penn State could have been that. As I stated before, it was not what Penn State did, it was UB shooting themselves in the foot. Good win over Florida Atlantic but could have beat Nevada. I will take it, but could have been much more.

3. Do you have any idea what Leipold does in the locker room at halftime? Does it involve human sacrifice? You are winning the third quarter 43-3.

The complete opposite of Quinn. Leipold won all those games for a reason. A great football mind and from all that I hear the players are totally bought in. Surrounded himself with coaches he can trust. I look forward to seeing how Lance can recruit. Overall, it has been a long time since great half time adjustments for the Bulls. Great question.

4. On offense, Anthone Taylor is getting big yards but carrying a lot and Licata seems to effective except for picks. What have you seen out of the Bull offense so far and what can we expect Saturday.

Really surprised by the lack of production by the offense. Both teams lost much on the defensive side with big question marks heading into the season. Where Johnson has the led the country, Licata has regressed. The fan base hopes Joe gets going against familiar foes. I would have predicted a monster score for this game before the season started. Now I am not sure what UB will be able to put up against a defense that is improving. Defensive line looking solid and did well against serious competition. Taylor has been the real deal so far. Keep an eye out for #1 and change of pace runner #2 Jordan Johnson. Like Bowling Green the Bulls have real talent at WR and TE. The issue has been getting the ball to them.

5. The defense is certainly very solid so far. Who are the standouts BG fans should watch for?

I have spent a ton of time on the other #1 Boise Ross at CB. Has a pic 6 and leads the nation is pass break ups. Great defender, watch for him. The strength of the defense is at linebacker. Gilbo is a solid contributor and Aozie is making big plays. If you are to key in one player it is #23 Brandon “Crunch” Berry. Brandon has been a force on the field. Pressure on the QB has generally come from the linebacker position. The Bulls except for two big runs vs. Nevada are stout against the run but not strong at putting pressure on the QB. Watch for Brandon as the LB’s make some special plays this weekend.

6. Are KC and the Sunshine Band really playing? Before or after the game?

Sure are! The new AD has created a concert series to try to lure students and fans to the game. A large stage has been built on a converted parking lot called Stampede Square for a large pregame party with live music. For the Baylor game last year when a big crowd did show up it was awesome. It was a big time college football atmosphere. Most of the acts are country, and for the life of me, how does anyone listen to that crap. For what it is worth, my 73 year old Dad is going to the game and mainly to see KC do a little dance but hopefully not see him get down tonight.

Prediction BG 35 – UB 17

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Special Teams Report: BG in plus territory for 2nd time

It was a quiet day for special teams on the BG side, and for the first time in four games this season it was the other team making special teams errors that made it harder to win the game.  BG had a good game, with 5 touchbacks and 1 punt to the Boiler 12 and only one negative play, which was a penalty which had them starting inside their own 10.

Purdue was in positive territory at +2.  They had two successful kickoff defenses and three good punts.  Unfortunately, that was balanced against their two missed FGs, which are probably undercounted in this system, given their significance in the game.

BG Positive (+6)

BG KO TB (+1)
BG KO TB (+1)
BG KO TB (+1)
BG KO TB (+1)
BG Punt to Purdue 12 (+1)
BG KO TB (+1)

BG Negative (-1)

Penalty on KOR starts BG at 8 (-1)

Purdue Positive (+5)

Punt to BG 19 (+1)
PU KO TB (+1)
BG KOR to 16 (+1)
Punt to BG 10 (+1)
Punt to BG 15 (+1)

Purdue Negative (-3)

Miss 19 yd FG (-1)
Penalty on PR start PU at 6 (-1)
Miss 32 yd FG (-1)