Friday, May 17, 2019

Riley Keller Commits to BG

So, after a long recruitment that started back at BC, Scott Loeffler has landed Riley Keller as a verbal commit.  Riley is a 3-star player who plays at Whitmer and has a wide range of offers and visits from top programs.  According to 247, Iowa State (Matt Campbell) had offered, along with Ole Miss, NIU, UT, WMU and WVU.  He would be in the 2020 class and provide BG with an immediate impact recruit at the key position.

He was second-team Division I All-State after his junior year and was first-team all-district.  He was co-first-team all-TRAC with Brady Lichtenberg.  He's a three-sport athlete whose Father is the Whitmer OC.  He's listed as a dual-threat QB, though I would suspect he spends more time in drop back with the pro-style offense.

This is a big one.  Coach Loeffler said he likes to spend a year recruiting a QB because he is the here's the first product of that process.

Welcome to the Falcons, Riley!

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

BG Gets Kicker Commit

So BG has a new commit for football....another Lucas County prospect.  It is Kyle Rhonehouse, a Springfield HS product who is a kicker.  And a very good one.

He was all-state at some level three times and first-team all-state as a senior.  He had been heading to Miami, but wasn't listed on their recruiting class, at which point you assume walk-on...which isn't unusual for a kicker.  Anyway, you can see above that he's heading to BG now.

All these eligibility rules confuse the crap out of me, but I'm assuming if he didn't sign a NLI or enroll, he is eligible, but that's a guess.

Here's the best recap on him from The Blade.  He's a highly effective kicker, even from distance, having hit from over 50.  Also, he fits the old Clawson rule of being a football player who happens to be a kicker.  Springfield used him on offense and defense.

He's also a 4.0 student.

Good kicking is important.  Seems like these pro-style offenses end up with a lot of FGs (see Michigan), so we can use a guy who both can get the job done but also grew up kicking in the cold and the wind.

Welcome to the Falcons, Kyle.

Sunday, May 12, 2019

BG Football Verbal

So, BG has its third 2020 verbal...this one with a familiar name.

Shawn Simms is Trent's father.  Shawn Simms was an All-MAC performer who graduated in 1986...which is the same year I did.  He was an assistant at Illinois, OSU, Pitt, Iowa State, Miami, Toledo, Colorado, Heidelberg, Oberlin, and possibly others before entering positions in private business.  He is from Fremont and his half-brother is Charles Woodson.

Trent attends Sylvania Northview, which makes him our third verbal from Lucas County and our second who is a multi-generational player.

He's 6'0" and 190 pounds.  247 said he had offers from Ball State, WMU and EKU.  They list him as an athlete.  At Northview, he plays QB and DB.  I would suspect we project him on defense, but I don't know.  He was second-team all-district as a DB and was a very dangerous QB as well.

This review on 419 Football says that he has natural football instincts and a high football IQ, which are things you often get with the children of coaches.

He was also a three-sport star, playing basketball and running track as well.

Welcome to the Falcons, Trent.

NickP With Loeffler

So NickP caught up with Scott Loeffler to talk about the roster issues facing the Falcons.  You should read the article--there are rules involved in how many guys you can bring in every year, which is why losing guys is such a serious problem.  Definitely worth a read.

Having said that, one piece of news worth commenting on.  Coach says that he is looking to bring a QB in to help with Doege's departure, which took him by surprise.  That would mean a grad transfer or possibly a JUCO (I guess) because you would need immediate eligibility.

So, I'm sure we will keep an eye on that.  With grad transfers you don't usually get spring practice anyway, so it will be a busy summer.  It's a little strange in that the pro-offense, which used to be everyone's base, is now almost an odd-ball offense.  It'd be easier to find someone versed in spread.  Anyway, we'll watch what lies ahead.

Here's a link to guys who are still available.

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to the Falcon Nation.

Thursday, May 09, 2019

The Blade: Rico Frye's Career Likely Finished

So, terribly disappointing news for Rico Frye.  I have no idea about what happened, but here's a person who gets the chance to do something he had dreamed his whole life of doing and then gets to play for one year and he's seemingly on the path to success and this happens and it is over.  Big disappointment to have so early in your life.  Best to him.  There's a whole life to live.

From a football perspective, Nick sums it up well here.
Which is right, it does explain the transfer at RB.  Makes Hargrove's transfer harder to understand, but that's his call.  Coming in, you thought RB was a strength and you had a QB who had played and a couple WRs and a dozen TEs and you might be able to move the ball and keep the defense off the field.  That's looking less likely right now.

A tall mountain keeps growing for the 2019 Falcons. The key is to put the pieces in place so we don't stay here.  My negative example is Ball State, who had the Hoke years but have 2 winning seasons in the 10 seasons since Hoke left.  Six of the 10 years were 4 wins or under.  Their "Neu" coach won 4 games last year in his third year.

It's not about 2019, but suffering this year doesn't guarantee success in the future.  That's the challenge facing the program.

Wednesday, May 08, 2019

Report: Jarrett Doege in Transfer Portal

Well, that's unexpected and going to make things a little more difficult.  I mean, it wouldn't have always been unexpected.  I kind of expected it at the beginning, when Jinks left, but then there was a story about how closely he and the new coach were bonding and then spring practice happened, so I started to think that he'd be back.

Here's what he said in the story linked above:

“It’s a complex offense with a lot to learn,” Doege said. “I’m getting it down, but I can’t wait to learn more.”

"Basically, I’m trying to portray him, but he’s just a crazy dude,” said Doege of Loeffler. “I’m kinda laid back, but being around him more I’m starting to turn into Coach Loeffler.”

But, if this is true, then not.

Obviously, he came here as an Air Raid guy from the town where Jinks coached.  His brother was an assistant who was let go.  Was he comfortable in the pro-style offense?  Seemed like it, but then it wasn't.  He's got every right to leave and he's doing what most college players seem to do under these circumstances.  We wish him nothing but the best.

The QBs on the roster include:

Grant Loy
Bryce Veasley
Grant Strock

There were no QBs in the signing class.

There is the possibility of a graduate transfer with the position opening up.  If not, I'd expect Loy to be the starter when the season kicks off.  I think he's better than people would expect, and with a power offense he might fit in ok.

Additional Transfer for Football

BG has a new transfer coming to the football program.  No idea what the plan is...and what the deal is with sitting out...but the young man is named Declan Burt.  He played (wait for it) TE at Bryant University, which is an FCS school in Rhode Island.

He played there two years and apparently did not redshirt.  He missed the last 3 games last year with injury.  He's a good-sized young man, at 6'4" and 210 pounds.  He hasn't been a pass catcher, with 13 receptions in 14 games.  He was an all-state player in Massachusetts in high school.

His father played water polo for Canada.

Welcome to the Falcons, Declan.

Monday, May 06, 2019

Graduate Transfer and New Assistant for Football

So, a little Monday news from the football program.

First, Davon Jones is a graduate transfer on his way here from Boston College.  He was a combo RB/LB at BC, and you might think that he'd play LB here at BG, a position of need, but NickP at The Blade has indicated that BG plans to use him at RB, where he joins Andrew Clair, Rico Frye and Bryson Denley on the depth chart.

He's 5'10 and 235 pounds and from that you might infer that he's more of a power back than a speed back, like the other three young men we have returning.  He carried the ball 91 times for 4 yards per carry as a freshman, and then carried the ball 16 times over the next two years as he also played on defense.  He has 5 TDs.

He will be eligible immediately.

The new coach is interesting as well.  One non-surprising thing is his Michigan pedigree.  His name is Steve Morrison, who will coach LB and be the Associate Head Coach.

Morrison was an all-Big Ten LB at UM and played for the Colts and the Lions, making 31 NFL starts.

He was a graduate assistant at UM after leaving the NFL, and then coached at WMU, EMU and Syracuse.

Up until then, it is a pretty typical resume.  Then, he put out this statement.

And then he left football and spent several years on a couple sales jobs.

And now he's back in football after quite a lot of time out of the game in medical device sales.  I suspect we'll get some more info on him as we move along, but it certainly raises some in, why get out and why get back in?  You don't see that very often.  I will say that this is the first of the assistant coach choices that has made me wonder...and I'm not sure why he's the Associate Coach.

Anyway, welcome to the Falcons, Davon and Steve.

Sunday, May 05, 2019

New Football Verbal, May 5

So, BG has notched another football verbal.  His name is Alex Wollschlaeger, and he is a rising senior at Oswego East High School, which is a suburb of Chicago.

He plays OL and DE in HS.  His twitter profile says offensive lineman.  He's got the right height, which is 6'6" and he weights 252, which would obviously need some work (and may be outdated, too).

He broke his collarbone and did not play his junior season.  BG offered a while ago and he was down for the spring game. He visited EMU and said he had been talking with Harvard, Western Michigan and South Dakota State.

He's the second OL out of 3 so far.  Coach has talked quite a bit about the need for depth and numbers at most positions.  Of the 13 OL on the BG roster, six of them are in their last two seasons.  There were 3 in this signing class...and the 7 who are returning haven't really been game tested yet.  Could also be some PWOs.  Point is, I think I have heard you need 10 playable OL and when BG takes the field in 2021 that's going to be a project.

Welcome to the Falcons, Alex.