Thursday, November 03, 2011

Permutations November 3

The game last night had more impact on BG than the NIU-UT game, and OU's win was more favorable to BG than Temple would have been.  BG's slim hope is to win out...if Miami and Kent lose one of their 4 remaining conference games and BG does win out, then BG would win the East.

It is worth noting that Temple has had a very formidable defense and certainly BG did not move the ball on them, but Ohio U did last night.  I thought their offense was very effective against what had been a very good defense.  I make them the favorite at this point in the East but in the MAC this year, no team's performance is spotless and anything could happen from one week to another.

Case in point:  NIU needed a missed XP to avoid OT with Buffalo.

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