Friday, November 11, 2011

OU Game Notes Are Out...

The senior day game notes are out...

The two deep is essentially the same as for the NIU game, so no major changes appear in the offing.

The game Wednesday will be senior night for 15 Falcons.

Zach Akenberger,
Ben Bojicic
Eugene Cooper
Steve Dunlap
Adrian Hodges
Ray Hutson
Justus Jones
Kamar Jorden
Jovan Leacock,
Scott Lewis
Kevin Moore
Keith Morgan,
Jason Rice
Adrien Spencer
Mickey Wagner

The game notes say:

Combined, the 15 seniors have 42 yards passing, 95 yards rushing, 4,300 yards receiving (383 catches) and 29 touchdowns (28 rec./1 rush). Defensively the group has  516 tackles, 6.5 sacks and eight interceptions.
One final thing...with the good day against NIU, Schmediebusch is now #5 in the nation in punting and the team is #5 in net punting.  Can a punter be your MVP?

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