Sunday, November 27, 2011

ICSTR, FInal Edition

]This is the final edition of the ICSTR.  The clerics and monks are wrapping their work up, placing the records into dusty bookshelves and preparing to return to the provinces to live their lives among the people again.

BG had a strong finish in the Buffalo game, going +4 in special teams and holding Buffalo to -1.  It was an easy day to lose points, as the wind had the potential to strongly impact kicks.  With that in mind, a +4 is pretty good.

For BG, there were two very big special teams plays:  a blocked punt (+3) and a 76 yard net punt downed inside the 10 (+2).  BG also had a kickoff return to the 46, and a kickoff touchback for +7.

Meanwhile, BG did not have any big negative plays.  Minor plays included a kickoff return to the 18, a Buffalo return to the 42 and allowing a 2-point conversion (-3 for a net of +4).  Even with the wind, BG never had a net punt less than 27 yards.

For the Bulls, there was the kickoff return to the 18 and their own kickoff return to the 42, a touchback on a kickoff, a punt inside the 20, and a made 2 pointer.  (+5)

Meanwhile, they gave up the blocked kick (-3), committed a penalty on a kickoff return that allowed BG to advance past the 35, the BG kickoff return to the 46, and a 4 yard net punt (-6 for a net of -1).

So, for the year, we can see that BG had its best year during the Clawson era in terms of making positive plays and avoiding negative plays.  However, our opponents also had a better year, perhaps indicating a rising level of overall special teams play in the conference.  (It does seem as if there is a better crop of kickers and returners than there might have been in the past).  So, on a net basis, BG was basically even with its opponents this year, while last year our special teams were actually significantly better than the opponents last season.

BG was in plus territory for all but 3 games this year, which is an improvement in consistency.  Schmiedebusch had a bigger factor in that.  Actually, if BG had some placekicking, the remainder of their game was pretty solid this year---punting and return defense were both pretty strong.

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