Sunday, November 06, 2011

Exhibition at the Stroh is under the belt....

The first exhibition game against Tiffin went off without a hitch.

From a basketball standpoint, obviously, there isn't much to say, except that we are supposed to blow a team like that out and we did, as opposed to last year's game against Adrian.  BG won 85-40 yesterday, which is what is supposed to happen.  BG got everybody into the game, more than a dozen guys got on the board, and everybody gets their first game jitters off their chest.

It was also my first time in the Stroh Center...and I was very impressed.  In fact, it was much more impressive than the photos I had seen.  I felt it was cozy and comfortable and a very good place to watch from a fan perspective.  The new scoreboard was really nice, and the sound system is a huge improvement over AA.  (Duh).

I think it would be nice to do something with all those blank white walls in the sightlines, but that's about my only quibble.

Anyway, the best thing I can say is that I felt at home there almost right away.  I think it did a good job of capturing the things that were great about Anderson in a modern setting.  A big hand to everyone who was involved in the design of the center...I think they did a great job.  (Miscellaneous photos follow).

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