Sunday, November 27, 2011

Past Opponent Land.....

Idaho has a game left, but this is how the teams we played finished out.  Certainly, the Idaho win was not what it seemed like at the time, and the Wyoming game would have been nice.  4-5 teams on this list will play in a bowl.

Idaho (2-9)--Idle
Morgan State (5-6)  Lost 42-18 to Hampton
Wyoming (7-4)  Scored first against Boise.  That was the high point.
Miami (4-8) Lost to OU.
WVU (8-3) Beat Pitt by 1.
WMU (7-5) Latest team to bludgeon Akron, leading to Ianello's departure.
Toledo (8-4)  Beat Ball State
Temple--(8-4)  Beat Kent
Kent (5-7)  Lost to Temple
NIU--(9-3)  Beat EMU to clinch West.
OU (9-3)  Beat Miami in a game without meaning

MAC vs:

All out of conference: 22-30
All FBS:  10-30
All FCS: 12-0
All BCS: 3-27

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