Saturday, November 19, 2011

OU Benchmark Report

So, the benchmarks are here for the OU game.  A few points.

The offensive performances were pretty similar.  Both teams made first downs on over a third of their plays.  Most of the yardage metrics were pretty similar, as, obviously, was the score.

The biggest factor here is the redzone.  OU got to the redzone 3 more times than BG did, but BG's defense was able to get the job done inside the 20, holding OU to a poor 2.7 points per trip.  Without that, the game is not as close.

BG turned the ball over nearly twice as often on a per play basis than OU did and was well above the MAC average.  In other words, BG made 3 turnovers, which is bad, and only made worse because it was done in 59 plays.

Poor kickoff coverage for BG...which bit them in the 4th quarter.

I think you can see some of the pressure issues embedded in here.  For example, BG only gave up one sack, but the low yardage averages are usually indicative of a team that played a very safe passing game with short drops to avoid pressure issues.  Also, the INT was partly pressure related.

OU ran the ball 62% of the time against Bowling Green.

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