Saturday, September 17, 2005

Reds Update

We blew a save last night, in a game we probably should have won. We're stretching our legs a little bit, and spreading the action around. Of course, it was a doubleheader, too.

What milestones are left--well, we could finish third, but its unlikely. Depends partly on how badly the Cards want to play in our six remaining games.

We're 34-26 after the break. with 15 games left in the season, we're only four wins from achieving, at worst, 38-37 record. As Marty said last night, given where we started, that is an accomplishment.

After the break, we are in 5th place.

We need to go 8-7 to best last year's record (I have stupidly been posting on the idea we won 74 last year, when it was 76). Our last winning season was in 2000.

Chad at Redleg Nation says this, and we agree:

This team isn’t far from competing. This offseason might be the most important offseason in the last couple of decades. The first decision will be about Narron, but the decisions after that will be what determines where we are next year at this time.

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