Sunday, September 04, 2005

Lots of updates...starting with the Lions

The final Lions roster is out. Let's take a look at how we did.

I was wrong on four picks, otherwise correct. And, each of those situations was a bubble situation.

I had the following players making the team who didn't:


I had the following players being cut who weren't

Paul Smith
Casey FitzSimmons
Bracy Walker
Jon McGraw.

Bascially, the team has clearly made a choice to go for depth on defense and not offense. We carried only 23 guys on offense, and 27 on the defensive side of the ball. That's further aggrevated by the fact that Corey Schlessinger will not play early, either. A few comments:

I knew the Randall thing was a flyer. I think there are going to be some third and short situations where we wish we had a TE who believed in blocking, but that's their call.

I liked Matthews over Paul Smith, who clearly has dirty pictures of Mooch with a farm animal.

Mostly, we decided we didn't need line depth, and did need defensive backfield depth. As bad as our line often was, I worry about that decision. Maybe Rogers wasn't depth, but I kind of thought he was. We have a backup T, and backup G, and a backup C, and no one else. Instead, we kept two safeties---one who is a ?, and the other who was dealt away from the Jets. Anyway, you might have gone one each, but I'm worried that a lack of Oline strength will break the weak link in the chain that limits the upside of our vaunted attack.

One week until we find out.

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