Thursday, September 01, 2005

Falcon Football Game By Game

OK, its time (before the season starts, to register the picks for the 2005 season, game by game. Let's see how we do this year. (Frankly, its not too hard. There's only a couple of games that are probably in doubt.)

@Wisconsin W
@Ball State W
@Boise State L
Temple W
@Buffalo W
Akron W
@Kent W
@Miami W
Toledo W
MAC Championship (NIU) W

So, an 11-1 season. Only a loss at Boise keeps us from a BCS berth. We win the MAC Championship, beat the Rockets, and qualify for our third straight bowl game. And we start off with an "upset" over Wisconsin. If all this happen, and we win our bowl game, we finish the season ranked in the top 15.

Let's watch. Its going to be fun...starting with a big W over the Big 10 in two days.

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