Monday, September 19, 2005

Lions Fans Continue to Vent

Killer Tom Kowalski had his chat today on Mlive.


  • Don't take the Shaun King rumors seriously.
  • He places a great deal of blame on Rick DeMulling, on whom he heaps scorn. He also says Kelly Butler has yet to pick a blitz up.
  • Also, strong words for Charles Rogers, who is being a "brat."
  • Criticism for Joey, but notes he isn't the only problem.
  • Bryant may be out for two weeks--maybe the season.
  • Also down on Boss Bailey and Dirty Davis (my note: weren't our LBs supposed to be good).
  • Senses tension between Mooch and Millen.
  • On the Williams/Harrington play, people were mad, apparently, that Williams didn't go back and fight for the ball
It was an absolute disaster, and just when progress was being started. On the plus side, our division is so weak that we might be able to leak into the playoffs even being awful. With Joey stinking, the entire premise of our rebuilding (the attack) is going down the tubes. We simply cannot reboot this system again.

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