Monday, September 05, 2005

On Second Thought

Watched the tape this afternoon. It wasn't nearly as frustrating watching UW run all over us, mostly because I already knew it was going to happen. I'm no guru, but Coach Brandon said in the post-game that we tackled really poorly. Amen to that. We have never tackled well, and we didn't last night. And if we don't learn, we won't win the MAC this season either.

Some other observations.

The special teams play (except the fake punt and the Sharon punt return, which he shouldn't have even fielded LOL) was much worse than I thought. UW had long kick returns, we missed an XP, we nearly had a punt blocked, and had a coverage penalty--and I know Jelani was pushed, and I think he took the opportunity to take a free shot. He wasn't pushed that hard. This has to be improved.

I commented below that Sanders didn't get the ball as much as I hoped. He was interfered with a couple of times, so it wasn't that bad. We still seemed to stay away from him in the second half.

Where is the vaunted TE part of our attack?

Finally, the team did show poise, keep fighting and keep working. We just absolutely had no answer for the Badgers when they had the ball.

OK, its over. Next is Ball State. Let's hope its the Temple of 05. And, the UW doesn't count a bit toward winning the MAC. Those are the vital games.

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