Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Killer Tom Kowalski has his usual strong insights on the Lions

I think Killer's comments are a little more in line with what I said following the game. That "victory" was not something to hang your hat on...this team as a long way to go to beat better teams.

Can be found on Mlive.

  • Win over Packers raises more questions than it answers.
  • This Green Bay team is in huge demise.
  • Credit the defense, especially when top receivers combine for four catches you can't expect to win against top defensive teams like the Bears, Panthers, and Ravens.
  • Mariucci was asked about the conservative play-calling, but Killer says Mooch is tired of talking about it. He began to bristle at the suggestion yesterday.
  • The Lions practiced horrible this past week, but the intensity was up dramatically. Harrington played pretty well despite the awful week of practice. He did enough to win.
  • Says Damien Woody felt the Packers were waiting for the Lions to finish them off, but they just couldn't do it. Harrington screwed up three drives after missing throws that would've extended the drive, and possibly put the team away earlier. He will be exposed against better teams if he doesn't improve.
  • They got everything they could out of Kevin Jones, but they've got to get more from the receivers. "He's a workhorse."
  • Kowalski says it's time to move Mike Williams to No. 3. The fact that he's stuck at No. 4 proves how they're too conservative and not aggressive enough.
  • Mike Williams came in out of shape, not fat but winded early. Coaches got down on him early. It happens. It happened to Kevin Jones last year after not being able to pick up the blitz. He split time early, but it turned out to be an idiotic decision. Same with Williams, he's too good to keep off the field.
  • The reason you don't see more downfield passing is because this is the West Coast offense -- Mariucci's West Coast offense. Very conservative. This never was going to be the "Greatest Show on Turf."
  • Harrington won the game, but still hasn't won the trust of Mariucci. He made a very interesting, snide comment during the press conference talking about the pass to Rogers, he said "Yeah, it might've been a touchdown too." Meaning if he threw it just a little bit better it could've gone for more. It's obvious Harrington hasn't won over Mariucci yet.
  • Killer says the postgame boastfulness was positivity after a relief than a celebration, and he has no problem with them talking about the division. It's better than saying "we suck, we've always sucked, and we probably will suck again."
  • Besides, winning the division over the Packers, Vikings, and Bears isn't that difficult. It's not like they're predicting Super Bowl victories.
  • Killer says host Drew continues to "crap all over this victory" (Killer's words). Killer says they were all playing up the "It's just one game" aspect. Plus, it was a great defensive effort holding them to five straight 3-and-outs.
  • Killer says the TD to Mike Williams was huge because of the uneasy alliance between offensive and defensive units. One play could have tied it up, adding stress to the defense. They hate that, but finally Harrington got it together -- after numerous misfired drives.
  • Killer wasn't surprised the Packers didn't challenge the Favre fumble. TV replays were very clear, there was no chance of it being reversed.
  • They bring up the Fox 2 Detroit pregame TV show outside the stadium in the hot sun where an obviously warm Tom Kowalski was seen "sweating like a steer." (Again, Killer's words.) He blames his wife for picking the light colored shirt, and says he took Dan Miller's golf towel and stuffed it under his shirt to sweat on that.
Jason Hanson may not play Sunday, breaking a long injury-free streak. They may bring a kicker in Thursday if they need one. (I hope he can learn the plays.)

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