Sunday, September 04, 2005

Finally, a Reds victory on the Road

Catchers carry the weight, Reds win. LaRue goes grand slam in the 12th, and then takes home a sno-cone in the bottom of the inning.

Only sad moment was seeing Junior limp off the field again. It appears not to be serious, but still. He's having a great season--in fact, he has the highest VORP (if you care) of any CF in the National League. It would tragic for him not to finish it off.

We're 136 games into the season, at 63-73, 3.5 games out of 3rd, although we have a 3-game series coming with the Brewers. With 26 games left, we'd have to go 18-8 to finish .500, which looks increasingly unlikely. I'd love to see us catch the Brewers and Cubs, though.

On the other hand, at 12-14, we'd be better than last year, and in the dark days of June, that certainly looked unlikely.

We were 35-53 at the break, so we are 28-20 after the break. With 26 games left, we only need to win 10 of our final six games to be .500 after the all-star break, which also seemed highly unlikely when the break came.

As for the best record in the second-half, we've had some back sliding on that. We're now somewhere in the vicinity of fifth-sixth on that one.

I do think we're getting some things to build on. Our ERA in the second half of 4.40 is in a winnable range for our club, if we can stay healthy, and keep hitting.

Finally, Reds Nation seems to be working itself up into a lather about what should happen with Jerry Narron. My advice is to let it go. He's going to get the job permanently. Can there be any doubt?

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