Sunday, September 04, 2005

Garcia breaks leg, Lions in quandry

Jeff Garcia broke his leg and sprained his ankle Friday night, and at this point, looks to be out at least six weeks, maybe twelve. It puts the Lions in a bit of a quandry. Their only backup QB at this time is Dan Orlovsky, a rookie from UConn, who was a fifth round draft pick. While the Lions say the like how he has looked, are you ready to throw your entire team over to him in what could be (but probably won't be) a season where you could make the playoffs.

On the other hand, if you IR Garcia, then you won't have him as a back up for any kind of a stretch run come December, should such a thing happen. Your only other option is to go get a veteran who can be backup or #3--but Mooch has said that it has to be someone who knows West Coast, and it isn't clear who is out there who does.

A quick review of yesterday's cuts reveals no one with NFL experience that I could see, even in WCO.

This is a tough, tough call. Joey is already not entirely healthy. Until there's something better out there, I think you go with 2 QB's and hope for the best.

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