Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Garcia to miss only 5-6 games, Lions not signing QB

With Kevin Johnson inserted as the emergency QB, the Lions have decided given the good news on the Garcia that they do not need a third QB. Which is good, since it didn't appear any were available anyway....Killer noted that the team hasn't actually used its 3QB in a long time. That's the same logic people use on flood insurance, but, hey, they're the pros.

Also, Killer Tom Kowalski has his final prediction at 9-7. He says they showed focus after the MNF debacle.

Here are some other show notes from his Stoney and Wojo appearence:

  • The Lions have not used a No. 3 QB in years, so they are not going after just anyone to fill that role. There's no point in cutting a guy you like just to bring in someone who will never play.
  • With that said, they will

    likely sign someone to the practice squad eventually. It likely won't be Timmy Chang, it'll probably be Todd Mortensen.
  • What kind of team is Green Bay? "Who knows." They're heavy on skill positions, but Killer doesn't think they've even named their starting guards or in the secondary yet. They've got linebacker injury issues. He still won't say the Lions will beat them -- because of Favre at QB.
  • The Packers defensive coordinator isn't known as a blitzer, so don't expect them to open up blitzing like crazy just because the Lions looked susceptible. Just like Dick Jauron wouldn't make that change.
  • If Favre has time he will pick apart the Lions, but the Lions may try to exploit the interior of the Packers' offensive line. That will keep Favre at bay.
  • Ahmad Carrol won't even start. That's how bad it is in Green Bay. With Ted Tollner calling the plays, don't be surprised if they stretch the field. Not necessarily vertical. If they don't try to put pressure on Green Bay then there will be a lot of calls on Monday. Same with Harrington. He has to pull the trigger.
  • Caller question -- Doesn't Orlovsky look very confident, like he really knows what he's doing? Killer says he's further along that Mike McMahon, and possibly even Joey Harrington, was at the same time. He's got a long way to go, but this is very encouraging.
  • Caller question -- How will Pollard be used, more than the preseason shows? Yes, he'll be used a lot more than they showed. He is a big upgrade over Stephen Alexander, and Harrington has a connection with Pollard. Plus, he can still stretch the field.
  • Mike Williams has progressed, and you will see more of him on the field than you have seen. Killer says the Lions must try and spread it out to maintain an edge, but he doesn't know if they'll do it.
  • Caller question -- How did Kenoy Kennedy and Terrence Holt look in the preseason? Holt looked up-and-down. Killer says players are getting into his head, and it has been addressed by coaches. Kennedy is nursing a hamstring, and he could be a gametime decision. Killer says he hasn't shown up yet like he expected.
  • Caller question -- Can Garcia really be back in eight weeks? Killer says they haven't offered him the X-rays yet, but this is what a specialist says.
  • Garcia will be fine, regardless of how he looked in the preseason.
  • Caller question -- What can they do to get a better pass rush? Have Dan Wilkinson and Shaun Rogers in there at the same time. Plus, Dick Jauron says he'll blitz more than he has in the past, but Killer says he's got to see it to believe it.
  • The Saints playing on the road at the Giants for their first home game is messing with the competitive balance of the NFL.
  • The Vikings signing Koren Robinson is a big shocker, especially with the problems the players they've had.
  • What he liked about the MNF loss is that it was a gut-check. The practices have been much more focused, but Killer still sees they'll have certain issues with some teams because of the mental issues. His final prediction is 9-7.

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