Thursday, September 08, 2005

Lions Game By Game

WK 1 Green Bay W
WK 2 at Chicago W
WK 4 at Tampa Bay W
WK 5 Baltimore L
WK 6 Carolina L
WK 7 at Cleveland W
WK 8 Chicago W
WK 9 at Minnesota L
WK 10 Arizona L
WK 11 at Dallas L
WK 12 Atlanta L
WK 13 Minnesota W
WK 14 at Green Bay L
WK 15 Cincy W
WK 16 at New Orleans W
WK 17 at Pittsburgh L

I'm going 8-8. I'd like to do more, but I'd have to talk to my manager. This is a pretty tough schedule. I think you start out assuming you continue to struggle on the road, which makes tough road games at Minnesota, Dallas, Green Bay (in the cold) and Pittsburgh as losses right off the top of the deck. That's four games. Now, you have to win 8 out of 12 to be .500. I think we can win at Chicago, Tampa Bay and Cleveland and New Orleans. So, that's 4-4 on the road.

At home, I think we can beat Green Bay (we usually do), Cincy, Chicago and Minnesota, but I'm by no means sure of that. I think we lose at home to Atlanta, Baltimore, Carolina, and Arizona. I think we might be able to beat Arizona on our field, but people are talking about them making a big jump next season.

If we're going to win 10, the Arizona and Atlanta games at home are key, as is the opener against the Packers. Ten wins is an absolute ceiling, and this team could win as few as 6 again. But there you go--on the record. A .500 season for our Lions.

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