Monday, September 12, 2005

Let's not go overboard

The Lions had a nice win yesterday. I've briefly surveyed the MSM this morning, and people seem to be taking it in stride, although they are a little farther on the excited mode than I would recommend.

Every win is good. Especially when you are the Lions.

But the Packers played awful--many penalties and turnovers. Everyone is excited about how the defense played, but I have yet to be convinced it was any more than the annual Brett-Favre-Opening-Game-Ford-Field vaporlock. We did get decent pressure, but I just think the Packers were self-destructing.

Whatever the reason, the Packers had seven straight drives where they didn't get a first down.

Even more importantly, the club's vaunted offense didn't show up. We only had 18 first downs, and six of them were on penalties. The big three receivers caught only four passes. And while Pollard played well (we knew Joey and Mooch would like him), I am worried we are going to lock onto him a little bit.

Jones was OK, not great. He seemed to be less effective as time went on. We're still not good in short yardage, and we still throw short of the sticks a lot on third down.

So, we won. I'm glad for that. But don't start making your Super Bowl bus reservations yet.

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