Sunday, December 20, 2015

Wright State Destroys Falcons

There's not much to say about that game today...Wright State just applied an old-fashioned ass kicking onto the Falcons. It was one of those nights...BG gave Wright State tons of open opportunities and they obliged by sinking them with ridiculous frequency. Wright State shot 52% overall and 46% from beyond the arc, and took 28 of their 50 FGAs from beyond the line. Meanwhile, BG shot 28% and 15%. Just to put it in perspective, BG made 14 FGs for the game. That's incredible.

That's .69 points per possession for BG and 1.21 for the Raiders.

And, as you can see, that's the only major difference between the two team found themselves open a lot and made shots, and the other did not. (I did think BG was constantly chasing on defense, did not seem to follow the idea that they had to know where Yoho was at all times, and just played a less than great game. No doubt, WSU was feeling it as well.

Only Ismail Ali ended up in double figures, and he did it on 3-7 shooting (12 points).  Parker (1-6), Worrell (1-4), Joseph (1-3), Alcegaire (2-9), Lillard (1-6), Fox (1-5) all struggled mightily to make baskets.

Spencer Parker had 8 rebounds as well.

So, the only thing to do is get that one behind you.  BG plays @Cleveland State on Wednesday afternoon in the last game before the holiday, and that's going to be a challenge as well.

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