Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Johnson Wins Vern Smith and Offensive Player of the Year

Today was MAC Awards day and it was a very good day for the Falcons, who tended in the Clawson era to suffer under the team first concept that didn't seem to develop as many stars.

The big news was that Matt Johnson was named MAC Offensive Player of the Year and the Vern Smith Leadership Award.  There was not a terribly large surprise there--I think he has been the MAC East Offensive Player of the Week a bunch of times--but it is an honor to either of the awards and a big honor to win both.  He is the second Falcon player in four seasons to win a MAC Player of the Year award, the last being Chris Jones.  I believe the last MAC Offensive Player of the Year was Omar Jacobs.

Anyway, Matt came back from injury and had an incredible season this year which I hope will culminate in a second MAC Championship ring.

In all, BG had 11 players make All-MAC.  Five of them were on the first team, which is outstanding.  Obviously, you had Johnson at QB, and Lewis is back for the second straight year, also deserved.  Travis Greene is on the first team for the first time, which makes me really happy.  He deserves it...the other years there were strong running backs and he had missed some games, so this year's award is very much deserved.

On defense, Austin Valdez was all-MAC which is also very cool.  He's been a rock back there all year and it is great to see him rewarded for stepping up into the LB corps after Martin and Lynch graduated.

Finally, Joe Davidson was the All-MAC punter.  He's a total stud.

The second team contained BG's only lineman on the All-MAC team, Huettel and Bennett.  For Alex, it is his third time with all-MAC honors.  Gehrig Dieter appears for the first time, which is also deserved.  And then--and this one you have to love--former walk-on Trent Greene was named to the 2nd team.  He had a really good season and I love to see a walk-on have this kind of success.  Much pride.

Ronnie Moore and Ryan Burbrink made 3rd team--Burbrink for the 3rd time and he was a walk-on, too.

Each Ten of the 11 players was recruited by Dave Clawson, which I say just to give credit to good recruiting and not to minimize the current Coach. (Original post neglected that Roger Lewis was recruited by Babers).

Anyway, congratulations to all 11 of these players.  They have been great Falcons and this is an honor they can carry with them all their lives.  Enjoy.


Quarterback – Matt Johnson, Bowling Green
Wide Receiver – Roger Lewis, Bowling Green &
Running Back – Travis Greene, Bowling Green @
Inside Linebacker – Austin Valdez, Bowling Green
Punter – Joe Davidson, Bowling Green


Offensive Lineman – Alex Huettel, Bowling Green +@
Offensive Lineman – Jacob Bennett, Bowling Green
Wide Receiver – Gehrig Dieter, Bowling Green
Outside Linebacker – Trent Greene, Bowling Green


Wide Receiver – Ronnie Moore, Bowling Green
Punt Return Specialist – Ryan Burbrink, Bowling Green &@


Ken said...

Couple corrections for you: "He is the second player in four seasons to win a MAC Player of the Year award, the last being Chris Jones." - I think you meant to include "Falcon" or "Bowling Green" in front of player.

"The second team contained BG's only lineman on the All-MAC tea" (need the 'm' - LOL, just thought of the saying "there is no I in team" as I was about to say "no 'm' in team)"

Anonymous said...

Colvin and Dernard Turner were robbed!!