Thursday, December 10, 2015

Jinks Introduced

OK, the deed is done.  Jinks has been introduced.  I don't think he said anything revolutionary and I don't think Kingston did either.  These pressers are a little bit like recruiting videos...everybody's got one, good coaches and bad.


He said, "Bowling Green is one of the best jobs in the country."

We're going to go fast.
He has integrity and discipline, moral character.

When asked why he would move to Bowling Green from Texas, Jinks said, “Why not? Somebody’s gotta take it."

Now he can go to work.  He is going to split time between BG and Texas Tech, which plays December 29 against LSU in their bowl game.  Of course, the dead period starts soon, so at some point it becomes less of an issue until January, when it gets crazy.

He has picked one staff member.  Perry Eliano will be the team's d-coordinator.  This is his first shot at being a coordinator.  He was working at UTSA for five years as a safeties coach.

As I noted before, the selection of a staff might be the single thing a head coach does that can ensure success or create failure, so it is the first task for Coach Jinks.

Welcome to Bowling Green, Coach Jinks and Coach Eliano.  Let's get 'er done.

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