Monday, December 07, 2015

Football Update for Monday

So, it has been the type of day we might have expected...and yet, the type of day that is hard to enjoy.

Coach Babers had his opening press conference in Syracuse.  He said he plans to take assistants from BG...specifically "all the good ones," which probably doesn't make CB Coach Mike Mickens feel very good since he appears to be the only one staying behind.  Coach mentioned Ward specifically, others are based on scuttlebutt.  Nick Monroe, who pre-dated Babers at BG, told a local reporter he is already on the ground recruiting, so that one is confirmed.  Coach brought his whole team to BG from EIU so this isn't surprising.  Anyway, a lot of empty offices.  The word is that they will be back to Coach the bowl game, but the level of focus has to be in doubt.

Tough day on the verbal commit front:

Based on twitter feeds, here is the news (there may be more).

Dirion Hutchins, a St. Louis area D-lineman has de-committed.
Evan Foster, who is from Michigan and whose brother played here has also de-committed.  Was offered a Purdue scholarship recently.
Terrance Landers. the top recruit and a WR (according to the rankings) has de-committed.  Would not be surprised to see him in Syracuse.  Info based on media accounts.
Sharif Saleem, a DE from the Cleveland area has de-committed based on his twitter feed.
Kyree Calli, a WR from the same HS Matt Johnson attended, has de-committed, based on his twitter feed.
AJ Garson, a TE from Florida has not de-committed but was visited by UCONN.
Cam Jeffries was offered by Air Force, according to his twitter feed.  Nothing explicitly saying he de-committed.
Elijah Cunningham was offered by Toledo.  Nothing explicitly saying he de-committed.

Anyway, that's the news as it stands right now.  Be strong, Falcon Nation.


Ken said...

Was the exodus this heavy two years ago?

Orange said...

I don't believe it was, in terms of recruits. In terms of coaches, it definitely was not. Clawson only took the coordinators, as I recall. The new coach will have, in all liklihood, no returning coaches, which is pretty unusual