Wednesday, December 09, 2015

BG MBB gets blow out win over Southeast Missouri State

BG picked up their 6th straight win last night over the RedHawks of Southeast Missouri, who are winless.  BG rolled over them easily, winning 79-52.

Look, SEMO is really struggling right now.  Even having said win by 27 on the road?  That's pretty good at any level.

BG led wire to wire.  They were up 13-11 about 7 minutes into the first half and pushed the lead up to 9.  SEMO had it back to 4 with 6 minutes left and then the Falcons closed the half on an 11-2 run to head into the locker room leading by 13.  The game was never closer than 10 again.  BG continually pushed the lead up, hitting 19 with 10 minutes left, 21 with 7 minutes left and led by more than 20 for the last 6 minutes of the game.

The preview had identified that SEMO was having serious issues scoring the ball.  In fact, they were among the worst teams in D1 in offensive efficiency.  This game was no different.  It was a game with only 64 possessions, which is slow, but SEMO had only .81 points per possession, which is just slightly UNDER their season average.  Meanwhile, BG had a very big offensive game at 1.23 points per possession.

The difference was shooting.  This is just a crazy defense.  BG shot 55% from 3FG and 55% on all FGs...which is just deadly shooting.  BG made 10 3FGs in all.  Meanwhile, SEMO shot 32% and 18%, which is just a very long night.  Turnovers were fairly even and BG was unusually weak on the defensive boards.  SEMO had 19 offensive rebounds, which is a lot even given the opportunity to grab all their missed shots.  In total, they had 40% of the available rebounds.  There were almost no FTs shot in a game that was over in 90 minutes.

Anyway, that shooting difference is incredible and is the kind of thing blow-outs are made of.

Zack Denny had the hot hand for the second straight game.  He scored 18 on 7/14 and 4/8 shooting, which is very efficient.  He added 7 rebounds.  After a couple down games, Spencer Parker was back in the pink again, scoring 18 on 8 of 13 shooting in 24 minutes due to foul trouble.  Those were the only Falcons in double figures, though that was partly due to some bench-emptying and reduced minutes.  Pep Joseph had 6 assists over 0 turnovers in what might be his best game of the season.

So BG is now 7-2 on the season.  You have to be happy with that, but I'd continue to keep it in perspective.  According to, BG has played the 328th ranked schedule (out of 351), so you have to keep the results in perspective.  Unlike Rob Murphy of EMU, I do think it matters who you are playing.  I look forward to seeing us continue to grow and (I hope) be ready to be competitive when we hit league competition.

Next up is Detroit at Calihan on Saturday.  They play the Rockets tonight.

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