Saturday, December 05, 2015

Breaking: Babers to Syracuse

So, it didn't take long.  The news is all over the Internet, Coach Babers is indeed going to Syracuse.

This is the world we live in.  If you win in the MAC, you move up.  Your choices are to win and face this challenge with coaching or lose and have it be like Gregg Brandon.

I like this better.

Babers leaves with my best wishes.  Man wants to ply his trade at a higher visibility institution and for more money, I wish him 100% the best.

He promised us he was 100% focused on the game last night and he delivered.  He promised to wait until after the game and he was good to his word.  He was 100% honest and won last night's game.  That's a championship.  In a world where coaches lie and hose players all the time, where Coaches talk about team and then act about self, he took care of the team's business first.

Contrast that with our last two and done coach...Urban Meyer...who made a big speech about how he was staying because his family needed stability and then left two days later.

And Babers is leaving a ring behind.  Unlike Meyer.

I'll be rooting for Syracuse and Coach Babers.  Thanks for a great two years.  It wasn't always smooth sailing, but you delivered exactly what you said you would and pretty much exactly the way you said it would happen.

Bon voyage.

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