Saturday, December 05, 2015


It just doesn't get any better than that.

Talk about sweet victory!

There will be plenty of time for analysis of the victory--and we're going to learn more about Coach Babers and our bowl destination in the next 36 hours, I would suspect--but this is a moment of gratitude.

This was a great season to be a fan of Bowling Green football.  Two Big 10 wins, a one-loss MAC season, and then to cap it off with the program's 2nd championship in 3 seasons.

It is a very, very good time to be a Falcon fan.

When you think back (and now I go all old-guy on you) to the fact that BG went from the early Blackney years, through the Meyer and Brandon years and into the fifth Clawson year without winning a MAC title...and only playing for one...and then you think that BG is wearing two rings from the last three seasons?

I am so proud of that team and my university.  I am so proud of the coaches and the players and everyone who made that happen.  You can't take it lightly.  Winning championships is hard.  Winning two is really hard.

It was a great year to be a fan.  When I watch those highlight compilations, I just see so many great memories from a year that was truly special for BG.

And I want to thank everyone involved.  The players, the coaches, the trainers...what happened last night was born of people getting up at the crack of dawn and pushing tractor tires around and coaches away from their families and late nights in film rooms and grueling practices in the August heat.

Your hard work and sacrifice created something that gave us a lot of pleasure as fans and I thank you.  When that alma mater played last night?  You don't feel like that often.  Even thinking of it now?  Pretty much the same reaction.

Thank you Falcons.  You are champions for life.

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joel said...

Here, here!! Big thanks to the players, coaches, trainers and the athletic department who supports the team! BRAVO!!